June 18, 2024


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Today's questions: Corona emergency brakes in the Bundestag, higher penalties for drivers - that was important - politically

Today’s questions: Corona emergency brakes in the Bundestag, higher penalties for drivers – that was important – politically

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what happened?

Merkel’s plan regarding Corona in the Bundestag: The emergency braking measures are hardly enough to hold the third wave. In addition, the basic draft “curfew” fluctuates because it is legally controversial. And now? The Chancellor and the Confederation reached their limits in the Bundestag today.

‘Intolerable’ – Schauble’s attack on Söder: The decision should be made by the end of the week. But the Union is still wrestling with itself and the question of who will enter the race for the chancellery. The sound becomes rougher. More in the news blog about K.

The federal and state governments agree on stricter fines: Drivers should expect much higher fines for violating road traffic regulations. Scheuer talks about a fair settlement.

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Fear dangerous attacks on the West: Twenty years after the terrorist attack on the United States, German security experts fear the terror may repeat itself. Al Qaeda will benefit from the withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan,So evaluate them.

Blood clots are more common with Covid-19 than after vaccinations: British researchers compared the possibility of developing cerebral thrombosis to vaccination and Covid disease. Therefore, vaccinations pose relatively low risks.

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The gloss will soon be more expensive.Photo: Daniel Reinhart / Dr.

What was discussed?

Question K as a final test: Majorities in Union Base believe that Söder can stop the downward spiral. This is not certain, but it is safer than Laschet, Christoph Von Marshall Comments.

From Berlin’s perspective, the federal emergency brake is a step back: The Bundestag wants to decide on the Corona rules nationwide next week. The plan favors facilitating the city, Berlin Senator Klaus Lieder writes on culture in his guest article.

The mood in the country: Germans have a great talent for making the world a bad thing – away from a pandemic. Intervention from Barbara John.

Quarantine for 14 days in Hertha BSC: After quarantine, Herta is getting cold in the hot season. This is a major drawback, but it is also possible to weld together Sebastian Schlichting believes.

Hertha Berlin (center-coach Bal Darday) will not be able to intervene again until early May.Photo: Imago Images / Nord Photo

What can subscribers read inside?

What really helps people out of homelessness: Many of the homeless are steeped in life after years on the streets and fear debt and bureaucracy. The Berlin Project has found a way to help – And Ralph enables his surprising way back to “order”.

In search of the fountain of youth: Eternal youth? Researchers around the world are looking for ways to stop or reverse cell aging. What research methods exist – And what are the risks involved.

How Igor Levitt became “the pianist of the century”: “Zeit” editor Florian Zenneker accompanied the star throughout Corona 2020. The result is the heartwarming book, House Concert. Revision.

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Affected react to Mietendeckel’s judgment: Some were shocked, others were ready. The end of the rental cap is forcing many Berliners to change their plans. It deals with anger and disappointment. “If the landlord approaches now, I will be in bed,” One says.

What can we do?

Cooks: Simple Recipes from Our Editorial Team … In Episode 49 we resort to Japanese daydreaming.

Take part in a radio play: Voice Assistant Status: The interactive audio game “Tatort” “Hellfire” is controlled by Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

listen to the music: Every Friday from 9 PM onwards, pop critics present the albums of the week on Radio Eins. This time with London Grammar, Greeta van Fleet and The Offspring.

Turn on the Tagesspiegel jukebox: In the Tagesspiegel music series, we introduce bands and musicians. Be there live Friday from 8:30 pm on Facebook and Instagram. Today: British songwriter and singer John Kenzi.

“Exit” again: The interactive broadcast platform brings DJs and party-goers together – Lifelive’s second concert starts on Saturday.

What should i know for the weekend?

It will be in the coming days The central political cycle Question: In the Federation, the issue of K will likely be decided and the Greens will also announce on Monday at 11 am who should lead them to the chancellery. You can find all developments until then tagesspiegel.de.

The Slovakia Most stores and service providers will open again on Monday for the first time since December, subject to conditions such as people restrictions, mouth and nose protection and mandatory coronavirus tests for customers and employees.

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In the process of killing the African American George Floyd Closing arguments begin on Monday. The jury will then have to rule on the conviction or innocence of accused white former police officer Derek Chauvin.

Today’s number

35 It has been years since Blau-Weiß 90’s rise from West Berlin to the Bundesliga – personal memories of our sports director, Klaus Vetter, in short, But you can read an interesting football fairy tale at this point.