December 6, 2021


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Tobera: Miguel Pinto reveals Benfica had 4,000 tickets to give away before matches – Benfica

Eagles Sales Manager

Miguel Pinto, Benfica’s Commercial and Marketing Director, was heard this Wednesday as a witness in the context of the e-Tupeira operation, where he explained the club’s policy of offering tickets and invitations. The policy of offering invitations has always been very popular.

“Invitations were issued. It was already known that there were four thousand invitations to be submitted before the matches. When we talk about four thousand, it is transverse. All kinds of people go,” he explained, although he revealed that this policy was stopping the epidemic: “No This practice is applied only after Covid, that is, this year. In the pre-Covid period, 4,000 tickets were issued.” The Eagles’ first-line manager also notes that he wouldn’t bother if Paulo Gonçalves asked for 25 invites per game. In fact, she considers this normal. “Paulo Gonçalves’ request for 25 invitations is not unusual. If he has institutional relationships in the field of football, with leagues, UEFA, the Federation, players and business, then naturally he will be the most requested. In other words. 24 tickets are not a number. Unusual of invitations.And if it was more than that, it wasn’t abnormal.Requesting 20, 30 or 40 tickets didn’t bother me at all.Professional football alone has about 300 invitations per match.We are talking about a football team. There is no anomaly in 24 or 36 tickets…”, confirmed the Benfica official, who was the first to be heard at the Justice Campus, where he went to Guimarães, where Benfica plays today in the Allianz Cup.

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