June 13, 2024


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“To what extent has humanity deteriorated?”  Schnitzelhaus review by Hartz visitors is amazing

“To what extent has humanity deteriorated?” Schnitzelhaus review by Hartz visitors is amazing

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The operators of a restaurant in the Harz district have taken issue with a poor Google review. For them, the fault lies with the customer. Many people agree with them online.

Blankenberge – Google reviews are so popular because they give consumers an orientation: What have other visitors previously experienced at a restaurant, store, or other touchpoint? But the functionality also opens the door to revisions that are at least limited. There has been a lot of discussion about one Restaurant rating after additional order at an additional cost Take care. And What users write about the North Sea is almost legendary. A strange recent growth has sparked disbelief among the operators of a restaurant in the Harz Mountains.

Schnitzelhaus also occasionally receives fan mail, as these receipts posted on Facebook show. Now the opposite has happened via Google. © Facebook

Schnitzelhaus in the Harz has a rating of two out of five stars – because it is closed at lunchtime

The operators expressed their anger over Google’s review in a Facebook post. The post is titled “To what extent has humanity degenerated?” Previously, a Hartz visitor apparently stood in front of the closed doors at lunchtime at the Schnitzelhaus For You in Blankenburg (Saxony-Anhalt). No wonder the restaurant is only open in the evening, as Google also says. Now, as a customer, you can feel quietly annoyed for not informing yourself ahead of time. On the other hand, the disappointed guest opened up Google, gave the restaurant two stars and wrote: “I was here for lunch, but unfortunately it doesn’t open until 5pm.”

As a restaurant, you can respond to this by quietly shaking your head. But operators don’t do that, especially since two stars are reflected in the average rating, which costs customers at worst. The restaurant responds at length to the negative review on Google: “What kind of review is this? On the same Google where you gave your 2-star review, you will also find our opening times and our phone number, where our opening times are also announced. Now you want to punish us for not informing us properly?” What is this about? Or do you get paid for bad reviews? At least your social media rating is really great – thanks for the ad!”

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Schnitzelhaus operators take to Facebook

The operators of the Schnitzelhaus are also on Facebook: “Now we get a two-star rating because some idiot shows up at the door at lunchtime and then realizes we don’t open until 5pm,” it says. Further: “Why do we get a bad review for people’s stupidity – he was able to give a Google rating, but he couldn’t see our working times at Google??” The annoyance is noticeable in the post when he says: “We’ll soon get another star because we have a day off – or what???”

In the Facebook comments, many users joined in by shaking their heads. One suspects that he could not be a native of the Harz region. “Ordinary tourist, you wouldn’t know it any other way.” “Really, there are a lot of brains, people,” says another.

Schnitzelhaus im Harz has mostly positive reviews

By the way, Schnitzelhaus performs very well on Google with an average of 4.5 stars, although there are some criticisms as well (“Prices are too high”, “Schnitzels were a bit dry for our taste”). Now it has a 2 star rating because the restaurant was closed at lunch time. It has entertainment value – but not if you’re involved as an operator.

It often happens that guests complain about restaurants or are shocked when the bill arrives. some North Sea tourists have recently been ‘shocked’ by Aperol prices in Gosch. (flexible)