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Tiletum – the best strategy game, review, critique, test

Tiletum – the best strategy game, review, critique, test

Tiletum (Giant Roc) is a board game for two to four players by old masters Tascini and Luciani. Yes, after the matches Tzolkin And Marco Polo Expectations are high…

The game instructions send us to the Renaissance on the first page, but many of the buildings were built 200 to 300 years ago, don't worry, who cares about details like that. However, a versatile and strategic game awaits us!

What is the strategy game Tiletum?

Board Game Tiletum - Battle of Materials - Photography by Giant Roc

The central game board shows several important cities in medieval Europe. Anyone can travel with the architect and merchant along the paths between cities. We collect resources to fulfill contracts, entertain guests and build cathedrals.

Before the game begins, a certain number of resource dice in random colors are rolled depending on the number of players and placed in the six fields of the action wheel depending on the number. The magic number is seven.

An example showing the central element

Tiletum Board Game - Resources & Promotions - Photography by Giant Roc

Here's a detailed example: If the wheel, which moves four times farther each game, has a 2/5 with the Architect, I choose a resource dice worth two. The appropriate dark gray cube allows the stone as a resource. I receive two stones and five action points for my Architect.

In Teletum, somewhere in Belgium (today Tilt(I've never heard of it before), all players start as Architects and Traders. Each movement step uses one action point. My architect runs to Paris, takes an extra token there, ditches a column and walks two more steps to Bordeaux. Action points are then used.

Backgammon Tiletum - Cards - Picture of Giant Roc

Constantly ensuring a number of appropriate additional procedures is the icing on the cake. Because it so happens that the construction of Notre Dame in this game requires exactly the two newly acquired stones for one of the three construction phases. Because of my anchor in Paris, I can also build once in this city. Since I'm the first player in Paris, I get three points for landing and three points for being the first to build. All bonus tags allow additional actions if appropriate.

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Interim assessments in Tiletum

Backgammon Tiletum - Points Advancement - Photography by Giant Roc

Merchant trading posts built in map cities enable them to participate in the four intermediate rankings and are eventually multiplied by columns located in cathedral cities. this Naturally, ratings for each game vary depending on location and conditions.

A first-class interconnected building game

Backgammon Tiletum - Tiles - Picture of Giant Roc

Oh, this might seem complicated at first. Without a doubt, a game to get to know each other is essential. BUT: When actually understood, Tiletum is fundamentally very attractive! It's a building game with massive reciprocal relationships. Point authority is made up of Cathedral, Middle Rank, Guest, Order, and King points, all of which I will not go into detail now.

Backgammon game Tiletum - Tableau - Photography by Giant Roc

Some things remind me of that Marco PoloI find that traveling is the best solution, as I can do without it almost completely, which is not possible in Teletum.

Personally, I like it better with two people, but it can be done with three people and I'm also happy to join them. But if there are four of you, everyone should be able to do it well, otherwise the playtime will be ruined…

What don't I like about Teletum?

Tiletum board game - dice - Photography by Giant Roc

The color closeness of three of the five resource cubes, light, dark, and blue-gray, is unfortunate. The previously mentioned long playing time with four players in addition to the feeling of the basic player advantage, also in the game of four, when the first two players have already removed many bonus marks that can no longer be replaced if the action point situation is appropriate.

Single rule? That was too much for me… 15 more pages: When does Automa do what and under what conditions? It works, but I'd rather play with at least one other person!

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Verdict: Excellent! Backgammon Tiletum - Box - Image by Giant Roc

However, the game material is perfect! Beautiful wooden figures, beautiful pictures of various cathedrals!

Bottom line: I really like this game and would recommend it to anyone who likes excellent games that can take some time!

Information about Teltum

  • Address: Teletum
  • Publisher: Giant Rock
  • Author: Daniele Tassini, Simone Luciani
  • Number of players (from to): 1-4
  • Age (from or to in years): 14
  • Duration in minutes: 60-100
  • Vintage: 2022