June 18, 2024


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TikToker Miranda Derek is addressing allegations that she belongs to a religious cult

TikToker Miranda Derek is addressing allegations that she belongs to a religious cult

She continued: “My parents and my sister are not religious. They immediately called me going to church twice a week a 'sect.'”

Miranda, who participated last week solo the pictures She added about herself at her sister's wedding: “I've been meeting with them for the past two years to patch things up and move forward and resolve things as a family. This documentary has created an additional challenge between us and I'm working to overcome it.” “This is a public attack.”

The docuseries included interviews with dancers who left 7M Films and are in a civil suit with Shinn. In 2022, he filed a defamation suit against a former church member, who denied the accusations. She opposed it, and claimed, along with several other former church members named as plaintiffs, in that lawsuit that “the Shekinah is a sect that operates under the guise of a religious institution.” Rolling Stone mentioned. He denied the accusations contained in the court papers. NBC News mentioned. No charges have been filed and the case continues.

In the docuseries, a few dancers claimed that Sheen encouraged people to cut off contact with family members in order to “save” them. One dancer claimed that Miranda once told her she missed her family, but the priest told her it wasn't a good idea to see them. She said the influencer was “brainwashed.”

“No one likes to be portrayed as brainwashed/not in control of their own life/own shell/daughter/sister being trafficked by humans when that's not the truth,” Miranda responded on her Instagram Stories.