November 27, 2021


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This is how you build a strong reputation

This is how you build a strong reputation

2. Keep your reputation on screen

With every other recommendation, your reputation as an online attorney increases. makes it easy for you to monitor current reviews.

If a new review is submitted, you will immediately receive a notification for up to two stored email addresses. Your account contains all available reviews in chronological order.

3. Open dialogue talks about you

Express your appreciation for each new comment by replying to it. You can comment on the reviews of the account.

This way you present yourself as a lawyer who is willing to speak and who cares about client satisfaction. This commitment is an important additional point in your external image – to references and other visitors to your profile.

By the way, not only praise, but also criticism from customers can be used as a building element for reputation. More on this in our tips for confident responses to negative comments.

4. Invalid ratings? Do not have to accept!

If a comment violates the guidelines, you can easily submit it for review. The rating is temporarily deactivated from the moment it is reported. To do this, select the relevant review in the account and click “Let the review be verified”. takes care of the review and, if necessary, asks the evaluator to give his real name or provide evidence of the relationship with the client. If the violation is not corrected by the reviewer himself, permanently deactivates the review.

5. Return to the rating system at any time profiles with recommendations receive up to three times more inquiries. You should use this feature for yourself. Have you currently deactivated the rating function? With one click of a button in your account, you can reactivate the rating system at any time.

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Even before you run your rating function again, you have the option to check for old, unacceptable ratings. This way, you can be sure that when you reactivate your profile, there are only allowed revisions.

Sustainably increase your reputation now

Take advantage of the rating function on and enjoy the confidence of new customers thanks to original recommendations. The service team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Also read about how to target new targets customer acquisition ability. More details about the various functions of the profile can be found at at a glance.

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