July 21, 2024


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Thierry Neuville’s new Hyundai i20 WRC has begun testing

Thierry Neuville’s new Hyundai i20 WRC has begun testing

After pledging its commitment to the hybrid era of the World Rally Championship (WRC), Hyundai Motorsport puts a prototype of the new Rally1 to the test for the first time. The test was carried out on gravel in the south of France this week. After extensive preparation of the new vehicle at the team headquarters in El Zenou, the aim of the test was to understand the car’s behavior, its strengths and weaknesses and to plan the next steps according to the results of this first trip.

Based on the new i20 N, the new car, which meets the so-called Rally1 regulations, includes hybrid technology. Thierry Nouvel, who has spilled over with the Koreans, will obviously have a copy in 2022.

“It is always a special moment when a new car takes its first turns, and as always, there are challenges to be overcome.” Comments by Andrea Adamo, Director of Hyundai Motorsport. “In the case of the new Rally1, we’re starting from scratch with a completely new rule, a different concept and a new base model, the Hyundai i20 N. It was exciting to start testing and start this exciting new adventure. Over the past week we’ve seen some interesting things in the session, some of which need to be changed and improved. , But this is all part of the process. The Hyundai Motorsport team did a great job and worked hard to prepare the car for the first test in such a short time. Of course, we are only at the start of a long journey but I think we will see some interesting things by Monte Carlo 2022. ”

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