March 29, 2023


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These headphones put you in a new dimension

Is in the clip, rarely known in this country United States Is a leading manufacturer of Audiophil speakers. They are the best in the world, but also the most expensive, especially popular among hi-fi enthusiasts. With Clip T5 II True Wireless Sport, the company ventures to take another step in this field In ear headphones. But can headphones be as convincing as popular and popular speakers?

Fit and function

Clips The T5 II offers real wireless gaming with six patented ear pads and three sets of ear wings in different sizes. The latter headphones should not fall off your ears, especially while playing games. It worked exactly as tested. But: you should definitely take the time to try all the ear pads and ear wings. Even if you already think in view: they are very small. Because it’s above all ear bands that are reminiscent of sound. The left ear may require a different size for the ear pad than the right ear. So: give it a try. Once the correct ear pads are found, the Clips D5 II will sit properly in the ear.

Clips offers headphones with 6 different ear straps

Both headphones have a large button in the middle that accepts different commands. Briefly press the right headphone to pause the music playback. The left headphone enables the same command transparency mode. Press twice, one song will be skipped, long press, volume will increase (right) or decrease (left). The function is almost self-explanatory. Take a quick look at the operating instructions or related application and you will know how to use clip headphones.

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The sound of clip headphones

Sound is more important than function. In a word: breathtaking. The ear headphones from Clips combine with the American manufacturer’s fantastic speakers and capture their perfect sound. They promote a place where we are In-ear-Headphones are not yet known. The voice reproduction is good, accurate and clean, the midrange is excellent and the bass is outstanding. It is by no means as important as other ear headphones, but rather pointed and comes at almost 100 percent right moment. Anyone looking for weaknesses in sound will be disappointed. In contrast: For TWS headphones, the Clip T5 II delivers unexpected spatial sound. He makes sure you immerse yourself in the song; On a dimension you were previously unfamiliar with.

In addition, the headphones feature an integrated hands-free feature. This is also absolutely certain in testing. The person called at the other end of the line said something about the crystal clear sound. Noisy noises, for example driving cars, are very less pervasive. The voice of the person carrying the clip headphones into the ear is clear and loud.

The sound of the clip headphones is unique
The sound of the clip headphones is unique

So you get even more nervous

We strongly recommend installing the Clips app and attaching headphones to it. It is not translated correctly here and there, but here you will find a balance so that you can fine tune the sound a bit. Additionally, the transparency mode can be adjusted here in three steps. Microphones pick up and amplify ambient noise. This is especially convenient on the streets or train stations if you are listening to music but want to hear traffic or announcements.

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Battery life of the Clips D5 II DWS Sport

Clip says 8 hours of battery life. This is what we achieved in the medium test without any problems. If the headphones are empty, they can be charged up to three times before being charged. For data lovers: The battery in the charging case has a capacity of 360 mAh. Each in-ear headphone has an integrated 50 mAh battery. After a good hour, the headphones charge from 0 to 100 percent, and you can continue.

Features and disadvantages of headphones

When you first open the waterproof case of clip-on headphones, you will be amazed at the white interior, which makes a noise when you move it back and forth. It is a unit that contains crystals that absorb moisture. Such crystals are used in small bags for new shoes, for example. In headphones, the crystals absorb the remaining moisture, such as sweat or raindrops. The crystals must be reactivated each time. To do this, take the unit out of the case and place it in the microwave for 30 seconds.

Clip D5 II True Wireless Sport features a unit with moisture absorbing crystals
Clip D5 II True Wireless Sport features a unit with moisture absorbing crystals

So far there is no reason to express criticism. But some are missing: there is no active noise cancellation (ANC) on the headphones. However, we did not actually see this irritation in the test. If you find the right ear pads, no external noise will penetrate into your ear. What a shame Clips headphones don’t do that Bluetooth Support multiple connections. This technology allows two end devices to be connected wirelessly simultaneously. With Clips D5 II, you must first interrupt the active connection to connect the headphones to another device.

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Price and results

Clips D5 II DWS game About 230 euros Not really a bargain. Many should note that ANC should have been at this price. However, you will never miss the cancellation of active noise. Ear pads perfectly protect against ambient noise. But sound is very important. This is a scary one. He is the one who quickly forgets 230 euros.

Charging case of Clips D5 II True Wireless Sport is waterproof
Charging case of Clips D5 II True Wireless Sport is waterproof

The drying unit has a waterproof case and the headphones have a battery life of about 8 hours. The custom application completes the package and optimizes the overall image.

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