December 6, 2021


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Poetry on the pulse of nature

Poetry on the pulse of nature

Sound: Huge! Shapes Game: Supremacy! even architecture Ulrike Draesners Langgedicht “Doggerland” One could call it unique. You lay the book sideways and then read three columns that work side by side from top to bottom. “Like rods holding a bell,” the poet, who was born in Munich in 1962 and lives in Berlin, explains to us in her company, “these two familiar vocal paths comprise the central body of the sound.” Its shaking comes from a very distant period in Earth’s history, the Mesolithic. Before the area of ​​the same name sank, it connected England with the continent. You can really refer to whole encyclopedias on this topic. But what it felt like the lives of hunters and gatherers of animals, plants and animals in the face of devastating climatic challenges, especially literature and, as we now note, especially poetry.

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