April 18, 2024


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The United Arab Emirates celebrates its fiftieth anniversary with “golden” NFT stamps

The United Arab Emirates celebrates its fiftieth anniversary with “golden” NFT stamps

The United Arab Emirates has launched what is arguably the world’s newest postage stamp in the form of several non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to celebrate the country’s 50th anniversary.

The new NFT stamp is issued by the Emirates Post Group or the UAE Post Office. The special stamp is available in four different physical versions, and the special stamps can also be called as digital versions.

The most expensive version is the “Golden Jubille 2021”, which consists of exactly 2021 pieces and is priced at 2021 AED (about $550). Each unit contains exactly one gram of gold.

The second stamp entitled “Spirit of the Union – 1971” symbolizes the founding of the United Arab Emirates, while the third stamp bears the “year of the fiftieth anniversary”.The tenth 2021” and therefore represents modernity. The conclusion is again the brand ‘Fifty ProjectsThe tenth – 2071”, who dares to look at the future of the United Arab Emirates.

However, these three NFT stamps are much cheaper than the collection’s masterpiece, each costing 250 AED (about $68).

Cointelegraph spoke to Post Group CEO Abdullah Al-Ashram to learn more about the curious NFT group. To this end, Ashram explains that the special form of the non-fungible symbols was chosen so that people from all over the world could participate in the celebrations of the founding of the UAE:

“This is definitely part of a larger strategy where blockchain will be key to many of the upcoming Emirates Post Group projects.”

With the launch of the NFT stamps, the UAE Post Office is playing a leading role in the MENA region in using blockchain technology in this regard.

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