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The theory that the universe has “consciousness” and made appropriate adjustments to give birth to life is being seriously debated

The theory that the universe has “consciousness” and made appropriate adjustments to give birth to life is being seriously debated

Anyone interested in researching the origin of life knows that the probability of life arising naturally in this universe is so small that it can be called astronomical, and that life could have arisen if the various physical conditions had been slightly different. I saw or heard that it didn't happen.BritishDurham UniversityAssociate Professor of Philosophy atPhilip GoffInstead of rejecting the birth of life as a mere “miracle,” he earnestly defends the theory that “consciousness exists in the universe, and that consciousness created the ideal conditions for the birth of life.”

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Those who support the theory that “there is consciousness in the universe, and that consciousness created the conditions for the birth of life” believe that the various scientific conditions surrounding the universe are too favorable to life to be dismissed as a coincidence. I claim. For example, the binding of protons and neutrons in the nucleusnuclear powerIt is the number “0.007”, but if this number were “0.006”, then only hydrogen could exist in the universe, and if it were “0.008”, all the hydrogen would be burned up in the big bang. . In other words, the nuclear force is exactly the right value to give birth to life.

There are also other elementary particles that are necessary for the existence of matter.Bottom quarkIf their masses were different, there would be no compounds in the universe. Or, if the masses of electrons were different, only neutrons could exist in the universe, and no atoms or chemical reactions would occur.

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These are “indisputable facts about modern physics,” and the question is how to explain them. Some may accept that it is a coincidence that physical values ​​are just the right values ​​for life, but others may say: “These numbers were created by a designer for a purpose. They may be interpreted as 'pre-determined.'”

Joffe points out that the possibility that all these laws of physics are conducive to the birth of life is astronomical. “Imagine flipping a coin 70 times and seeing it keep coming up, or rolling a dice and getting a 6 every time. No one would say it was a coincidence. If it exceeds the probability, it doesn't make sense to call it a coincidence. In other words, it's not a coincidence. “But the numbers in physics are relevant to life. In other words, at the fundamental level of physics, there is a certain kind of 'direction' toward life.”

The theory that “the universe has a kind of consciousness and control of various physical values ​​for the purpose of creating life” is based on the theory that the gods created the earth and humans out of nothing, and this contradicts both atheism and atheism, which holds that there is no will involved in the emergence of the universe or the birth of life. .

Goff points out that if God is an all-pervading, all-good being, then there is a variety of suffering in this world, and it is inexplicable why humans undergo a process called natural selection. Also, if no modifications have been made to the universe, it is impossible to explain why different physical conditions are ideal for life.

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“Traditional religion and secular atheism fail to explain some aspects of reality,” Gough said. “There is a middle ground that is overlooked: the purpose of the universe.” The idea is that there is a kind of “goal orientation” at the fundamental level of reality. Even without a traditional God, we can still get meaning here.

There are different theories other than “there is consciousness in the universe” that explain why different conditions in the universe are conducive to the birth of life. However, the theory that “God exists, but lacks the power to create only the present universe” is unconvincing, and the theory that “this universe is nothing more than a simulation by a higher being” is a theory that says: “God exists,” he says. But he lacks the ability to create only the current universe.” I cannot explain why he was created.

Another theory says that “a countless number of universes exist in different dimensions, and this universe is suitable for the birth of life.” However, although there is only one actually observable universe, it is difficult to believe that there are countless universes (experiences) beyond it.The gambler's fallacy in retrospectIt is a type of bias called. Based on the gambler's fallacy in retrospect, it seems impossible to talk about the “endless many universes” of the “universe here and now.”

After considering these different hypotheses, Goff argues that one should not make more assumptions than is necessary to explain a particular issue.Occam's razorBased on this idea, he argued that the theory that “the universe has consciousness” was the most valid theory. Mr. Joffe believes that if we believe that humans exist in the process of achieving a great purpose toward which the consciousness of the universe aims, we can feel more meaning in life.

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