December 1, 2023


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The Switch trailer, “OMEGA 6 The Video Game,” written and directed by Takaya Imamura, of “Star Fox” and “F-ZERO” fame, will be released in 2024.

The Switch trailer, “OMEGA 6 The Video Game,” written and directed by Takaya Imamura, of “Star Fox” and “F-ZERO” fame, will be released in 2024.

Today (September 8, 2023) City Connection announced the adventure game “City Connection x Happy Meal Joint Project Presentation in Osaka” for Nintendo Switch.“Omega 6 video game.”to2024It has been announced that it will be released on. In addition, a promotional video and official website were released.

This work is for Nintendo“star fox”or「F-zero」Responsible for designing and supervising the seriesMr. Takaya ImamuraAnimation from「Omega 6」It is a “16-bit retro futuristic adventure game” based on the original work. It was scheduled to be released in 2023, but this was announced about nine months later.

Mr. Imamura was responsible for art direction and graphic design during his time at Nintendo.“Wild Tracks” “Mario Open Golf”Composers who worked onMr. Shinobu AmayaHe is responsible for BGM.

In addition, a reference exhibition is scheduled for Tokyo Game Show 2023, which will take place from September 21 to 24 (*21 and 22 are two business days). The kiosk is shared with Happy Meal. Specially made as a novelty“Minko (10 types in total)”And“Introductory comic book.”In addition to distributionSeptember 23 at 1:00 p.mThere will also be a developer panel and signing session at the booth.

<ما يلي هو محتوى إعلان الشركة المصنعة كما هو>

An adventure game with original action and graphic design by game creator Takaya Ahmadura.
Announcing the “Omega 6 Video Game”!
A developer talk session will be held at Tokyo Game Show!

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At the presentation of the “City Connection x Happy Meal Joint Project in Osaka” held on Friday, September 8, 2023, City Connection Co., Ltd. announced. They will release the adventure game “OMEGA 6 The Video Game” for Nintendo Switch in 2024. We have announced that it will be released.

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“OMEGA 6 The Video Game” is a 16-bit futuristic adventure game inspired by the manga “OMEGA 6” by Takaya Imamura, who worked on several masterpieces during his time at Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Mr. Imamura himself will be responsible for the art direction and graphic design, and Shinobu Amaya will be responsible for the background music.

Moreover, Happy Meal Co., Ltd. And Priocine Co., Ltd. Responsible for development, our company will be responsible for the publisher.
Also today, we released the promotional video and official website for this work.

●OMEGA 6 official website for video games

●OMEGA 6 official account for the video game X

● Promotional video for the OMEGA 6 video game

●City Connection x Happy Meal joint venture presentation at live streaming distribution URL in Osaka

<معلومات معرض طوكيو للألعاب>
A reference exhibition of this work will be held at the joint Happy Meal and City Connection booth (Hall 8/N09) at the Tokyo Game Show, which will be held from September 21 (Thursday).
As new items, we will be distributing a special “Menko” (all 10 types) and a “Prologue Comic Booklet”.
In addition, a developer discussion session will be held at the stand from 1:00 p.m. on Saturday 23 September, and a signing session will also be held (details to be announced later).

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●Dramatic story

Future land. Humans, who have acquired the technology to live long lives with an average lifespan of 400 years, have come to live lavish and comfortable lives despite the social problems that come with aging.
One day, a wormhole suddenly appeared near Mars. Many space immigrants come to Earth, and soon aliens occupy major cities.
Dr. Victor Franklin, a leading expert in longevity research, is concerned about the current situation and decides to search for a second Earth.
In order to make humanity flourish again in a new world, he created two robots, Thunder and Kayla, and sent them on an expedition on the Omega 6 spaceship.
Thunder and Kayla’s long and incredibly amazing adventure has begun.

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●What is the original Omega 6?
A manga written by Takaya Imamura.
The main characters are Thunder and Kayla, space-traveling treasure hunters.
A romantic sci-fi action and futuristic adventure in which two friends Flavo and Prop travel throughout the universe in search of a new planet to replace the Earth where humans live.
The activities of the unique characters designed by Mr. Imamura are depicted in unique colors.
The French version of the comic book is currently on sale.

<مقدمة اللعبة>

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This is a choice of command adventure game in a 16-bit pixel art style.
Players will move freely between the three planetary locations around the Antichrist, collecting information about the treasure.
Sometimes there are battles with crooks and bounty hunters. Embark on a treasure hunting adventure full of secrets and surprises as you battle against your rivals.

<مقدمة عن المنشئ>

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● Original work/graphic design

Takaya Imamura

Illustrator, manga artist.
After joining Nintendo in 1989, he was responsible for art direction for the Star Fox, F-ZERO, and The Legend of Zelda series.
He retired from the company in 2021 and is currently a professor at Osaka International College of Technology and a freelance illustrator.
In October 2022, the first work of manga artist “OMEGA6” was released in France.

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● Sound

Shinobu Amaya

Composer, musician.
At Nintendo, he was responsible for all of the Wild Tracks songs, and was also involved in Mario Open Golf, Wario’s Forest, Pokémon Ranger Batnage, and more.
After leaving Nintendo, he is currently a jazz pianist and singer.

<معلومات المنتج>
Title: Omega 6 Video Game (Tentative)
Model: Nintendo Switch (Download Version/Bundle Version)
Release date: Scheduled for release in 2024
Genre: Retro futuristic adventure game in 16-bit style
Rating: not specified
Number of players: 1
Development: Happy Meal/Breocin
Issued by: City Communication
Copyright: (C) TAKAYA IMAMURA (C) Happymeal Inc. (C) Pleocene (C) CITY CONNECTION CO., LTD.

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