June 13, 2024


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The start of the second phase of the economic recovery project at the Migrant Resource Center in Babeno

“We are currently seeing diminishing conditions, since this morning, so there is good news. We want to be there for.” [les entrepreneurs]Said the head of the local chamber of commerce, Melanie Hutt.

She stressed that entrepreneurs who have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, despite their resilience, are facing labor problems, as is also the case across Quebec.

And she acknowledged that the technological transformation that emerged with the health situation was not without pitfalls, citing the gaps that still exist in relation to Internet access.

It has been difficult for many companies to be able not only to have access to new technology, but also to adapt and be able to evolve with the technology that has been implemented. It will also be an important support in the second stageMrs. Haute said.

At the same time, she indicated that many government investment announcements have been issued and she is seeing Winds of change in terms of Internet access.

Babinho MP and Minister Responsible for the Ottawa Region, Matteo Lacombe, indicated that the Department of Labor has allocated $ 57,000 in aid to the Reliance Papino project. He also claimed to have contributed $ 22,000 from his estimated budget as a Member of Parliament.

Over the months, it was a popular project […] Given the length of this crisis, at first, it was clear that we did not know how long it would last, and it became clear that this support had to be extended over time.Mr. Lacombe argued.

He emphasized that the first stage of the initiative was plural. In a press release, the Vallée Petite-Nation Chamber of Commerce determined that more than 140 companies were able to benefit from personal support during the first phase.

Seven goals

2e The Relance Papineau component will be structured around seven main objectives. In the group, we find those who “mobilize and support entrepreneurs with one common voice” as well as finding possible solutions to workforce challenges.

On this last point, Thurso Mayor and Governor MRC Di Papino, Benoit Luzon, was optimistic. “There are a lot of good jobs in the Territory MRC. We have entrepreneurs and companies that deliver a good quality of life to the people who work [dans notre région] “, He said.

I am totally confident when you see […] Everyone is joining together to work for recovery and ensure a healthy economy

Quote from:Benoit Lauzon, president of the Bappeno Red Cross Council

He was delighted to see many partners, such as Cadek Di Papino Collins, unite their efforts.

General Manager of CadekMelissa Bergeron noted that the agri-food sector has been able to shine during the health crisis. “we are lucky. […] Our lands have a diverse economy and incredible possibilities. “

With information from Christian Millett