March 25, 2023


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The souls of the PS4 monster were found in the PlayStation database

The souls of the PS4 monster were found in the PlayStation database

Was the PS5 exclusively almost cross-gen?

According to information found on PlayStation’s own database, the first PS5 exclusive Demons Souls, which initially came to showcase all the power of the console, may have been cross-gen.

Data released PlayStation game levels It regularly publishes information about patches, release dates and download sizes B.S. .

The second report is unlikely to be the PS4 port of the game, this version could be an alpha or a simple early version for investor testing, and since the game was created entirely for the PS5 we will not have the corresponding version of its previous generation.

The development of the remake began on the PS4, and it is often speculated that it later became exclusively a new generation.


“In his quest for power, King Alland, the 12th king of Polataria, sent the ancient arts through the soul, raising a monster from the dawn of time, summoning the ancient. The Old One. The Tornadoes have lost their minds, leaving only the desire to attack the wise, and now Polataria has been cut off from the outside world, and the heroes who dared to enter the dense fog to free the land from its torment will never again be seen. , And must return the old to its sleep. “

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Released June 17, 2021 at 8:46 p.m.
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