May 17, 2022


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Instead of package notifications, now it is: This SMS is stealing your bank details

Instead of package notifications, now it is: This SMS is stealing your bank details

Current fraud alerts

After the fake package announcements, cyber criminals are now trying to get the bank Trojan with the new fake SMS.

A new wave of spam SMS is emerging. (Source: Bloomua /

  • After fake package notifications, a new spam SMS is now generating rounds.
  • He informs you about the alleged voicemail.
  • Instead of a voice message, you download the virus to your cell phone.

In the spring of 2021, a wave of spam swept through Germany. Retrieved by users Fake package notifications can be sent via SMS. Anyone who clicked on the link in the message unknowingly downloaded the Bloopat Bank Trojan on their cell phone. It secretly stole your bank details.

Now there is a new dangerous SMS in circulation, which may spread the virus again. It promotes a new voice message, which you can access via a link, writes the Belgian website SafeonWeb. The message is in English:

This is the dangerous SMS

[#W3Z4K] New voice mail link

Fake news

We hope that other language types like SMS package will be available soon. If you need to receive an SMS with a link for voice message or voicemail, we advise you: Do not click on the link. Unless you click the link, there is no danger!

Anyone who has already clicked on the link will find it HereWhat to do to remove the virus from the phone.

This is how you protect yourself

We advise you to block SMS from contacts that are not stored in your address book as messages are sent from unknown numbers. You can read how to do this on Android phones and iPhone in the following steps:

“Tip: Excellent VPN providers for added security and data security

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