February 23, 2024


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The Sims voice actor explains why the game has its own language

voice actor Sims Explain why the characters speak their own language. look here :

The game series was born shortly after the turn of the millennium and was a huge international success.

In it, players control fictional characters in a fictional world – always taking advantage of the novelty of destroying someone else’s life in order to change.

But we don’t hear their screams of pain in English – or French, or Spanish, or Mandarin for that matter. They speak Simlish – a language of invented chatter. but why?

The game’s voice actress, Krizia Bajos, threw the beans in a video on her TikTok account.

There is a reason behind this nonsense. Credit: Electronic Arts

I explained, “This is the reason behind the Sims and Sims Games have Simlish – because everyone around the world loves to play them. So we make it accessible to everyone’s language.

“No one feels left out, everyone can feel included because it’s not a specific language. That’s what makes it beautiful.”

” Such as, Sims Anyone can play it. Everyone understands what is going on, without having to understand what exactly the words mean.

“But just by turning, by the motion, the way we actors play the game will help you understand what’s going on in the scene and what’s going on with the interaction with all of your Sims.

Credit: Electronic Arts
Credit: Electronic Arts

“That’s why we don’t have a specific language, we have our own, which is Simlish.”

Speaking to The Verge last year, Kauker said, “From the beginning, it was about serving gameplay.

“He wanted the idea of ​​emotions to resonate with people, but he didn’t want The Sims to say anything meaningful, so as not to disturb the characters’ narrative.”

Game designer and fan Mitu Khandaker added, “The more abstract the thing, the more you can fit it.

“You may be a face with two dots for the eyes and a line for the mouth, but the more details you add, the more it starts to look like someone else.”

It has also been reported that Wright believed that using real language would make the dialogue repetitive, while translating it for markets around the world would be too expensive.

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