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The Perfect Plan – How good are you at breaking in?  Review and test

The Perfect Plan – How good are you at breaking in? Review and test

The Perfect Heist: An exciting and unconventional exit game in which we are the impostors! This is the tagline of the board game “The Perfect Plan – How Can You Break In” by Linda Lasch and Matthias Spahn (moses.Verlag).

Contents of the Perfect Plan box

The game includes: a museum map, about 50 cards, a newspaper page and 2,000 euros in 50 euro banknotes. Indeed: when we open the game box, the first thing we notice is a wad of “banknotes.” This is clearly play money, but only at second glance – it looks really good.

What is The Perfect Plan escape game?

An unknown client offers us 2,000 euros. He wants us to come up with an elaborate plan within a few days to steal the famous painting “Lotus Flower Pond” from the museum.

The Perfect Plan - How good are you at breaking in?  - Article - Photography of Moses

the way of playing

We reveal the first card while we are in the middle of the action. Do we want to forge a press pass for 100 euros so we can question museum staff, or would we rather take a guided tour for 50 euros?

Depending on our decision, we can reveal the next appropriate card. 50 euros for a taxi – exorbitant sum, but this would certainly get us there faster…. But I don't want to give too much away.

In The Perfect Plan, the usual idea of ​​the exit game is turned on its head – we are not looking for crooks, we are the henchmen of a crime boss planning the perfect heist.

There are many questions associated with this. Questions are again tasks. some examples:

  • How do we enter the museum?
  • Where is the photo that is about to be stolen?
  • How can we escape?
  • What is the best time to escape?
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The Perfect Plan - How good are you at breaking in?  - Museum plan - Photography by Musa

Almost all information costs money, after all we send other little crooks out to get information – and ultimately, they want to get paid too. And then the discussion begins, because we do not have enough money to obtain all the information:

  • Is it more important to visit the building authority or explore the surrounding area?
  • Would we rather spend money to bribe someone or…
  • Would we rather spend the money to access the information site ourselves?
  • How do we remain as inconspicuous as possible so that the police do not become suspicious?

We soon found ourselves in the middle of the event and tried to gather all the information. We discussed matters passionately and tried to follow up on the topics that emerged and, if possible, draw the right conclusions.

Game Conclusion The Perfect Plan – How well can you break in?

We really liked the idea of ​​simply swapping roles. We are not playing against time in this escape game, but we do not want to act conspicuously so often that the police become aware of it. Depending on the decision, this could happen, and if it happened more than five times, the robbery plot would likely fail and we would have lost.
The Perfect Plan - How good are you at breaking in?  - Box - Image of Moses

The material is great, and the story makes a lot of sense. At one or two points we thought – maybe we wouldn't be as stupid as the thieves, but that didn't detract from the fun of the game.

Did we succeed? Crocs secret! Did we have a very enjoyable evening? We had it!

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