September 16, 2021


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The office learned of discrimination in the immigration authorities - Emmendingen

The office learned of discrimination in the immigration authorities – Emmendingen

Emmenden’s authority denied all the allegations in May. Now it turns out: There were talks about it as early as October 2018 — and volunteers are raising new claims.

1 star out of five – This is the only Google review for the Emmendingen County Immigration Office. User Nano commented: “There seems to be a lot of sympathy for the AfD in this power.” He got two likes. The Emmendingen County Office responds quickly: “We don’t know if your comment and poor rating are related to a specific incident. However, you can provide us with the details and we will try to help you.”
“It’s only when I discover things that I can react appropriately.” Andreas Opler, Head of Regulatory Affairs This corresponds to the course that Andreas Opler, the legal and regulatory officer in charge of the authority, would like to take: “I can only respond adequately when I find out about things,” he says. If someone feels they have been treated unfairly on the site, they should turn to him or her head of office, Katharina Ming, or to District Manager Hanno Hirth.
In May, research by BZ revealed that county immigration authorities were reported to repeatedly make discriminatory or hurtful statements. BZ had six accounts identified for those affected. The impressions were also confirmed by two people who accompanied such visits to the authorities. Those affected also complained that various procedures, such as requests for naturalization or leniency by the authorities, had been unnecessarily extended.