May 17, 2022


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The new books by Uwe Tillkamp and Eckhart Nickel in SWR2 magazine are worth reading - SWR2

The new books by Uwe Tillkamp and Eckhart Nickel in SWR2 magazine are worth reading – SWR2

With the new books by Uwe Tillkamp, ​​Eckhart Nickel and Nicole Krause and the “Write On” audiobook anthology

Our heroines move on winding paths in this well-read magazine: Fabian Hoffmann is the name of the main character in Uwe Tellkamp’s new novel “Der Schlaf in den Uhren”, who moves through the labyrinths of a mysterious underground world.

In Eckhart Nickel’s exquisitely exaggerated artistic novel “Spitzweg” we follow the narrator through widely manifolded landscapes – both real and painted.

It’s also about the wonderful online platform Write On: refugee authors can do just that: keep writing in their own language. Now you can hear them in an audiobook anthology.

American Nicole Krause says in “Being a Man. Stories” of life’s small and great disasters.

A new luxury printing press has just started in Steidl in Göttingen: we were there at the opening.

Poet Dinçer Güçyeter receives the famous Peter Huchel Prize.

Eckhart Nickel Spitzweg
Piper Verlag, 256 pages, €22
ISBN 978-3-492-07143-7
Carsten Otte Review

Uwe Tellkamp – Sleeping in the Hours
Suhrkamp Verlag, 904 pages, €32
ISBN 978-3-518-43100-9
Frank Hertwick’s review

Keep typing – (W) Change location. Literary encounters with authors in exile
Editing by Dima Al-Bitar Kelji, Christian Colourio and Annika Reich
Der Hörverlag, MP3-CD audio book, 1 disc, running time 9 hours 51 minutes, 27 euros
ISBN 978-3-8445-4567-8
Anya Hofer in conversation with Annika Reich

Better printing – Steidl opens a new premium printing machine in Göttingen
Reporting by Katharina Borchardt

Nicole Krause – Being a Man. stories
Translated from American English Great Osterwald
Rowohlt Verlag, 256 pages, 24€
ISBN 978-3-498-00238-1
Judith Reinbold review

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Peter Huchel Prize for Dincer Gücyeter
Anya Hofer in conversation with Frank Hertwick

a musician:
Royksopp – deep puzzles
Music Embassy