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The Law of Lydia Poët – Season 1

The Law of Lydia Poët – Season 1

Content / criticism

Lydia Boot (Matilda DeAngelisShe has a dream: she wants to be a lawyer! She does not lack the necessary knowledge, having successfully completed her studies in law. But there’s a problem: It’s a woman. This meant that in late 19th century Italy she was denied the profession, and a court declared her admission illegal. But it is not easy to dissuade Lydia from her dream. And so it began, at her brother Errico’s law firm (Pier Luigi Pacino) to work while appealing the sentence. Her paths crossed again and again with those of reporter Jacopo Barbieri (Edward Scarpettawho helps her in her search for the truth…

Feminist Thrillers in a Historical Context

Meanwhile, women have become an integral part of the crime genre. In most productions today, great care is taken to ensure that female characters play an important role in teams, even if they do not lead them entirely at once. It was different, for a long time hunting for criminals was a male domain. Exceptions like Agatha Christie Miss Marple’s parasitism cult confirmed the rule. Even more interesting is the current trend of developing crime stories in a historical context, in which there is a female protagonist. Probably one of the most famous examples of this is exclusive to Netflix available Enola Holmes B, who got the second part a few months ago. Also on the streaming service recently The Law According to Lydia Poët Seen, and it’s very similar in many ways.

Both titles are about how a young protagonist in the late 19th century solves criminal cases and searches for the truth. They both have to struggle with a misogynistic society that doesn’t allow them to do this. As a result, they are dependent on their older siblings. The two title heroines have talent: they are bright and imaginative and are characterized by a strong sense of justice which results in a feminist orientation in every case. They need this not only to find a solution, but also when looking for alternative paths. in The Law According to Lydia Poët A female detective must bluff her way up past traditions and expectations with a combination of wit, tenacity, and ruthlessness. Leading Actress Matilda DeAngelis (Duce treasure) brings those qualities to the screen, though a little levity would have been nice at times. Because the fellow was a bit livelier.

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Entertaining and varied

There are two points that set this Netflix title apart. So, Lydia is not a classic detective, but a lawyer. When she goes after criminals, it is not because the criminals themselves are her target. Instead, you want to help the clients involved who are wrongfully suspected of getting justice. However, the difference in motivation has relatively little effect on plot. The Law According to Lydia Poët It’s not really different from other crime novels in this regard. But that doesn’t have to be the case, as long as the stories are appropriate. And that’s what they’re doing here, the script team came up with some great ideas for the six episodes. Since each one is only about three-quarters of an hour long, one should not expect overly complex cases. But it’s entertaining enough.

The second unique major selling point: While Holmes is a fictional character, Lydia Pott actually lived. She was the first Italian woman to graduate with a law degree. This did her no good, however, as the law was intent on preventing her from working because she was a woman. one has to The Law According to Lydia Poët But don’t expect a biopic, the series itself is made up from start to finish and places more emphasis on entertainment than on bare facts. But it is a cohesive environment that deals with the society of the time and does not become one-sided when it comes to the depiction of sexuality. So Lydia receives male support. Elsewhere, it is women who scheme aggressively and disregard the welfare of others. Then there are the characters whose good or evil is hard to tell and creates an interesting contrast.

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extra time: “The leg of Lydia Poët”
He. She: “The Law According to Lydia’s Poet”
nation: Italy
year: 2023
exit: Letizia Lamartier Mathieu Rovere
script: Guido Iocolano, Davide Orsini, Elisa Dondi, Daniela Gambaro, Paolo Piccirillo
music: Massimiliano Micheli
camera: Francesco Scatosi, Vladan Radovic
works: Matilda De Angelis, Eduardo Scarpetta, Pier Luigi Pacino, Sinéad Thornhill, Dario Aita, Sara Lazzaro

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