September 16, 2021


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The latest technology to fight forest fires: goats

Sydney. In Australia, voracious goats are now said to help reduce bushfire risks. Several farmers have provided a herd of goats and goats to protect the Klandola community in the state of New South Wales from potential fires, radio channel 9News reported on Wednesday citing the local fire department. In a small town 225 kilometers northwest of Sydney, a significant fire hazard due to dry grass and vegetation has been identified.

Goats eat the buffer zone

Before the Australian summer months, when devastating fires often occur, these fires should now disappear as much as possible – thanks to the goats, which spend most of their time eating grass and shrubs that many other animals don’t touch. “The whole chewing operation now benefits the rural fire brigades,” the report said. This is the first time this method has been used in Australia – but similar attempts have already been made in Spain, Portugal and the USA.

The animals are supposed to graze in the area for two months. The goats are expected to eat two hectares in the next three weeks alone, creating a buffer zone in front of the village of 200 residents. If there were to be a fire, it would spread more slowly, said Troy Gersbeck of the regional fire department. She said that while controlling fires (“backburning”) to reduce bushfire risk depends on the weather, the goats are always well fed.

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