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The Journey: Astronaut – Authors from your region connect epic and lyric poetry to each other

06.06.2021 – 10:44

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Intertwined epic and lyrical. A journey through time, the universe and the world of ideas.

Today, I am proud to present to you Journey: The Astronaut by Jean L. Turk.

The groundbreaking mission of a young astronaut who hopes to find answers on Mars is told through poetry, but soon threatens to reach his limits. His past and future confront him and driven by despair and hope, the astronaut walks a tightrope between madness and knowledge.

Little by little, the exploration of the universe develops into a search for the meaning of existence. Ride the roller coaster from extra large to small and back again. A fiery game full of emotions: love, anger, sadness, and the search for something more that brings us closer to the astronaut and maybe even ourselves.

Where will the trip end?

Curious? I would be glad if you would like to know more about this book and read it so that you can then decide whether to publish a review of the book. Do you have questions about the book or author? Do you want to arrange an interview? Do you want a copy to read? You can ask me directly at [email protected].

For the book:Journey: The Astronaut by Jean L. Turk, 271 pages, €14.99, ISBN: 9798727739532

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