April 18, 2024


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The Hove District organizes the first Games Day

The Hove District organizes the first Games Day

On May 4th, the Hofer Freiheitshalle will be transformed into a mecca for gaming enthusiasts. With “LFG-Con”, the Hof Region, in cooperation with supporters (hoferLand​.digital​, Hanns Seidel Foundation, City of Hof, Hofer Land), is organizing a toy trade fair in the region for the first time.

LFG – Looking for a Group: which in player parlance means something like “I'm looking for fellow players”, aims to attract this target group to the Hofer Freiheitshalle on May 4th. To the first LFG-Con in the Hove area, a trade fair entirely dedicated to gaming and society.

“We want to attract gaming enthusiasts from the region and beyond as well, bring them together and build a network. We also do this knowing that gaming is a very big economic factor that is constantly growing. Of course, this event is also of great importance from a youth work perspective, because we also want to use The trade fair is to highlight relevant topics regarding healthy gaming,” said Zonal Director Dr. Oliver Bear.

The idea for the exhibition arose from an exchange between Johannes Worm, a youth worker in the Hof district, and brothers Ariane, Kevin Pollak and Stefan Presinger, all of whom are gamers and work in the software and e-commerce sector.

“The gaming community – especially in our region – is huge. However, until now, you always had to travel to Cologne, Munich, Düsseldorf or Hamburg to get to major trade fairs. That's why we're very happy and grateful,” says Ariane Pollack. “Very much so because we can now organize a really great and big event at the Hove Freedom Hall with the Hove District.”

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Through LFG-Con, the Hof Region opens new horizons and provides technology enthusiasts such as gamers, cosplayers, developers and companies a regional network and exchange platform for the first time, as well as those interested in the opportunity to discover the world of video games in all its diversity.

“As community youth workers, we see that many young people play games, but often at home and everyone for themselves. “Our goal from a pedagogical perspective is to bring children out of the symbolic vault, get them into social groups, and form networks so that children and young people can From finding new friends,” says Johannes Wurm, a district youth worker in Hove.

Janina Diehl from Stadtjugendpflege Hof, which is supporting the event, adds: “The latest Gem study showed that 72% of all young people play computer games several times a week. During our youth work, we realize that gaming is not just a fad, but a trend that continues to grow. I believe It is wonderful that we can give space to the needs of our children and young people in this way.

May 4th itself is full of life. The organizing team has come up with different stations where people can participate, experience it and learn about it: “It's not just about the games, it's above all about communicating with the professional players, game developers and programmers that we have invited.” . That luxury. We also have virtual reality technologies on site that you can experience. We also highlight topics such as the correct and healthy approach to games in lectures and discussion groups,” says Johannes Wurm, summarizing the day.

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LFG-Con is aimed at all gaming enthusiasts and interested parties. Entry and all rides are recommended for audiences ages 12 and up, and for youth accompanied by a legal guardian.

The detailed program as well as all information about the event, exhibitors and participants can be found below www.lfg-con.de.

Early bird tickets can also be purchased there for €5.00.

From April 14 and also at the box office, tickets cost €8.00