June 28, 2022


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The good news – a guaranteed ‘honeymoon’ in games

Created on April 13, 2022 | 03:15

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Volunteers and the Lower Austria State Road Service work together to ensure safe spawning migration of game amphibians, among others, from left: Sandra Zant, Thomas Wiseman (Department of Road Construction in Amstetten), Anton Erber, State Parliament Member, Josef Decker, State Councilor For Lower Austria, Ludwig Schleretzko and Thomas Gravogel (Road Maintenance Games Division).

LST / cock

BWith temperatures around ten degrees and the first warm rain, frogs and toads go on their honeymoon. Then the roads along water bodies or wetlands become a deadly trap for many amphibians as they migrate to their spawning grounds.

Several volunteers are currently working to protect the amphibians also found in the Chips area. On the L92, Rotte Altenreith, between Gaming and Gresten, the staff of the Game Roads Maintenance Division erected a 720m amphibious protection fence. This is the second largest mobile amphibious protection fence in the area covered by the Road Maintenance Division. The longest in Kienberg. The height is secured according to the bucket-fence method, the care of which is provided mainly by individuals. These bring the animals safely to their spawning grounds. Isabella Poppin and Roland Riegler are in charge, supported by hardworking assistants from the area and also by Gaming’s Road Maintenance staff.

For many years, the Lower Austrian Road Service has been trying to take measures to save amphibians, some of which are already seriously endangered. More than 60 kilometers of protection and control systems at 176 sites are taken care of twice a year (spring and autumn) by the Lower Austrian Road Service.