July 1, 2022


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Course: Frontier – Release is delayed, trial is extended

Cycle: Frontier is coming later than announced, and the beta is being extended. Source: YAGER

The developers and publisher of The Cycle: Frontier have already approved the release of the competitive online shooter in the style of Escape from Tarkov this month, in April 2022. But now everything in YAGER is different from what was planned.

As officials now announce, the first-person shooter, in which you explore the planet Fortuna III and have to assert yourself against plants and animals as well as other players, will no longer be possible this month. In the course of the current testing phase, many problems have been identified, also and first of all with the help of the community, which still need to be taken care of in advance.

Previous plans canceled

Accordingly, YAGER Development is moving away from previous plans to release The Cycle: Frontier in April 2022. Instead, they want to take the time to get to a very polished state before releasing them. They are highly focused on working on recognized construction sites and as such will continue to post urgently needed weekly patches. This will be the case again on Wednesday, April 13th, when the 2.4 patch is published. But more on that in a moment.

The developers assure that thousands of adventure seekers are still in Fortuna III every day and write their own stories there on their journeys. In order to continue making this possible, the closed beta 2 version, which was only initially planned until April 4th and which you can easily access, has been extended until April 25th. This rules out the assumption we previously expressed. So hopefully, The Cycle: Frontier will not go straight from the current beta phase to the full version.

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At the start of the second closed beta, which for the first time anyone really interested can access, The Cycle was still trustedly set up and able to roll out in April. Even post-launch plans including seasons, ending and much more have already been commented on:

Course: Full release planned for April

Debug follows rather than run – that’s in 2.4

So Wednesday is correction day again. As promised, with update 2.4 YAGER addresses even more issues that still exist in the current beta version of The Cycle. Attendant maintenance work in Germany should start at 10 am. Recognizing this point in time is especially important because in-game notifications are not currently working. Therefore, if you are in a raid when maintenance starts, you will lose all the equipment you brought into the active mission.

Patch 2.4 brings some changes that players have been asking for for a while. For example, your teammates’ outlines will only appear when they are in your field of view. In addition, the player pod dropping sequence will now not start until the loading process is complete, in order to prevent him from getting killed while the game is not loading.

In addition, YAGER explicitly adjusts prices and costs related to handling, crafting, and repairing items, and provides uncommon and rare rewards for early player contracts. Additionally, Ratters and Marauders now have to switch between aggressiveness frequently when battling multiple endings simultaneously. Also, in some cases, items lost at the end of the game should not count toward mission progress. Last but not least, some bugs that make exploits usable will be removed which will become history in the future.

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A known issue, which will likely continue to exist for the time being, is misleading data in the combat log. Additionally, there is currently an issue with the customer support tool, which means you may not receive a direct response to tickets. This remains to be verified and answered.

Check out the full patch notes for The Cycle: Frontier Patch 2.4 here.