March 3, 2024


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The GEEKOM Mini IT 13 mini PC is on sale on Amazon.  There is also a 3,000 yen discount coupon. [PR]

The GEEKOM Mini IT 13 mini PC is on sale on Amazon. There is also a 3,000 yen discount coupon. [PR]

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From today until February 19, Amazon is having a sale on the “GEEKOM Mini IT 13” mini PC equipped with the 13th generation Intel Core i9-13900H. Moreover, with a 3,000 yen discount coupon, you can buy it for 104,744 yen, which is a bargain considering its performance.

GEEKOM Mini IT 13 is a high-spec mini PC with Intel's 13th generation Core i5/i7/i9 H series processors, despite its compact size at about 12cm in length and width and about 5cm in height. There are plenty of ports on the main unit, especially two USB-C (standard USB 4.0) ports on the back, and the display output supports two 8K displays or four 4K displays. Click here to review the actual device.

The Core i9-13900H equipped model runs Windows 11 Pro and is also equipped with 32GB of RAM and a 2TB PCIe 4.0 SSD from the get-go, so considering it costs around 105,000 yen including… Everything is, arguably, reasonable. The problem is that the fan is constantly running, which can be a bit annoying, but overall it is well balanced and I recommend it.

There are two types of coupons available this time: one can be used on Amazon and the other can be used in the official store, both of which are 3,000 yen coupons, but buying from Amazon is cheaper.Official storeYou can choose models other than the Core i9, so please consider which model you will buy.

  • Amazon coupon: GVYRNR83
  • Official website coupon: helentech3000
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Please use the link below to purchase.

I got it

107,983 yen (As of 02/12/2024 11:25 | Amazon Research)

Although different from this sale, we are also reviewing the actual “GEEKOM A5” equipped Ryzen 7 5800H machine, so if you're interested, please check out that article as well.