August 7, 2022


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The game you play as a cat reveals how you play it on PS5

That was in June 2020 when Stray was officially announced during State of Play for the PS5, but since then nothing. True, the BlueTwelve studio played the appreciation card, and went on to complete the game without making too much noise. It’s time for the developers to finally show us the gameplay of this adventure game that will put us in the shoes of a cat, which finds itself in the middle of a “weird and mysterious” city with the aim of finding its way back. . family. Obviously, from the point of view of the cats, everything seems more complicated and because of the difficulty of understanding this unknown city the game will try to distinguish itself. A mixture of exploration, puzzles and interaction, Stray is a game where every detail matters. Cat is committed that it will be possible to scratch the sofas for fun but also to meet a drone named B-12. Thanks to him, our cat will be able to interact with the environments, but also with the inhabitants via a unit that he will carry on his back at all times. If the game is above all speculative, then battles await our cat who will have to fend for himself.

Stray is slated to release in early 2022 on PC, PS5, and PS4.

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