June 18, 2024


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The free media server “Universal Media Server” has been significantly updated – Window Forest

The free media server “Universal Media Server” has been significantly updated – Window Forest

Equipped with access control function requested by many users.

The free media server “Universal Media Server” was updated to version 14.0.0 on May 12. It was previously released exclusively to patrons, but now the general public can download it for free.

Universal Media Server (UMS) is an open source, cross-platform media server. Compatible OS is Windows/Mac/Linux, and license is “GPL-2.0”. You can stream videos and music stored on your computer to DLNA-compatible TVs, smartphone apps (such as VLC), and game consoles.

It also has a built-in web server, so you can view and play media using a web browser. It is easy to use even for beginners, as it can convert and stream almost all media formats without changing any settings.

Version 14 includes access control functionality requested by many users. Previously, it was only possible to allow them all at once, or block them all and allow them individually using a safe list, but the newer version allows both block lists and safe lists per viewer (listening device such as a TV) or network. Can.

Both a blocked list and a safe list are available on a per-viewer or network basis

Other features related to access control include linking and managing viewers and user accounts, restricting the scope of shared content to specific groups, and assigning avatars to users and user groups.

It also includes a number of updates to the web settings and player interface. For series like TV dramas, it can mark the entire series as complete, automatically detect the system's light/dark mode settings, and change the theme accordingly.

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Please note that when you upgrade to version 14, shared folders will be rescanned. The server will remain available during the scan, but performance may degrade and search results may be incomplete until the scan is complete. Also, after the update, you may need to restart your device or media player app to clear the cache and recognize the data properly.