September 22, 2023


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‘The Flash’ Kicks Off With $60 Million Opening – Deadline

‘The Flash’ Kicks Off With $60 Million Opening – Deadline

There are a lot of lessons to be learned this weekend, but the most important one is, what is it like for a major motion picture studio to open a film with a large number of actors, primarily its main star, unavailable to the press. That’s the big looming question that’s been on everyone’s mind in the wake of Ezra Miller’s 2020-2022 campaign regarding Warner Bros. DC’s $200M the lightwhich does not look good with 3 days $60 million, from $70 million to the $75 million the studio was expecting. The studio is still anticipating the film’s delivery and delivery by the Juneteenth weekend $70 million over 4 days (if this is the case, this is the first time a federal holiday, which has proven to be a big movie day thus far, has yielded a daily gross for a film north of $10 million; last year Jurassic World: Dominion It made $8.6 million just on a Monday off in June). The pic grossed $24.5 million yesterday (which includes Thursday’s previews). Other studios see these numbers lower. Seen last night’s $9.7 million previews, at a glance, it looked like that flash It had the potential to overdeliver and beat weekend estimates, and that looks less likely now. Should the movie have gone straight to the Warners Max streaming service? of course not. They need to earn as much money as possible, and that’s through the windows.

With SAG-AFTRA strike permission in place, conversations have to go sideways, actors who aren’t allowed to squeeze into these situations, studios, streamers, etc. might want to think twice before playing the infamous hardball because that’s what happens. When your cast isn’t available to promote a major motion picture. Already, San Diego Comic-Con is checking out TV series creators Warners didn’t count on Miller for. the lightOn the press tour for the star, who made his Hollywood debut after legal troubles at Monday night’s premiere the light which was limited to a red carpet caller photo (not video or press interviews except for a couple of bloggers), but the majority of the cast weren’t available to the 360-degree press we hear.

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Be aware that the late night shows that went dark during the WGA Strike also compounded Warner’s problems here. While Keaton has appeared at Q&A screenings in London and Paris, and spilled the film on social media, he’s been busy shooting beetle 2 For Warner Bros. Sasha Calle, who plays Supergirl, pressed in Miami, Texas. Where was Ben Affleck? Late night TV provides fun, not to mention the controlled environment where talent can avoid any barbed conversations. The reason many didn’t sit down with a large portion of the press is because they weren’t on the hook for asking uncomfortable questions about the movie’s main star, Miller. the light They also didn’t have a $80M-$100M+ partner promotion like most of these pillars of support (however, they did have some partners, like Puma with flash sneakers), which is essential when it comes to cutting out the summer noise and opening a movie to big numbers.

But there is something else going on here the lightwhich DC co-Boss James Gunn called “perhaps one of the greatest superhero movies ever made” in January, moviegoers disagree, giving it b CinemaScore And 77% On Comscore/Screen Engine PostTrak comes out with a 59% recommendation. That buzz, besides the fact that the light Too heavy for the males, and doesn’t attract a large number of women Aquaman And Wonder Woman slows it down.

How about the whole multiverse stuff and bringing back Michael Keaton’s Batman? To the average moviegoer Joe, what the light It is at the end of the day a movie about a DC character for a deeper universe, and that is The Flash. Going world deep in a superhero movie comes with the risk of posting less than $100 million plus slots, and yes, franchises have to start somewhere, eg bull And Captain America: The First Avenger ($65 million) and bull ($65.7 million). Aquaman It may have posted a 3-day $67.8 million, but it launched over the Christmas holiday and started previews with $105.4 million over a 5-day A-CinemaScore. However, you’ll notice heading into a weekend that Warner Bros. hasn’t announced yet. DC flash 2 With director Andy Muschietti, they announce he’s about to direct Gunn and co-star in new DC Boss Peter Safran. Batman, Brave and daring.

See, no studio would begrudge the position Warners was in the light Competitors and marketing peers praise Burbank, CA very much for running the best campaign possible with fun trailers selling the movie mainly on its superhero The Flash, as well as Michael Keaton’s Batman Returns. Nobody blames Warners for tying their boots together and falling over here. To get the word out, Warners has spent big on trailers. iSpot, which monitors what studios air in US TV commercials (again, that’s just one aspect of the lightTotal marketing campaign expenditure), shows that Warners paid $31.3 million on sites for Miller’s film, which generated 1.07 billion impressions. That’s in iSpot measures more than what Disney has spent Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 ($24.3 million) and racist ($12.9 million), more than Paramount ever spent Transformers: Rise of the Monsters ($17.2 million), and 3 times what Sony spent Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse ($10.9 million). better networks flash The spots according to impressions were ABC, ESPN, TNT, Fox, and NBC while the top shows for DC movie spots were NBA, SportsCenter, NFL games (remember, Warners pulled out a Super Bowl spot), College Basketball, and the Today show.

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