March 3, 2024


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The final boom and the end of the season – the best games, e-sports and e-TV!

The final boom and the end of the season – the best games, e-sports and e-TV!

We say goodbye to the Year of Gaming 2023 and show you gaming content and the best three years of eTV one last time in the latest episode of eTV – The Gaming Late Night.

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No matter if you’re young or old, video games are a timeless pastime. But what games are played by different age groups? Our editor Sarah searches for the answer to this question in the Game Creation Quiz.

Our colleague Sonia also came out to look. The search for the world’s most successful esports athletes takes them to the capital of Germany, to Berlin, to the Red Bull League for its own event. There, German eSports teams competed against four-time LoL T1 world champion and popular midfielder Faker.

Then, you can look forward to more esports in eTV’s Best Esports!

But our show wouldn’t be E-TV without games, jokes, guests, mild confusion, and a little bare skin. Watch the best games with us and review the funniest moments from three years of e-TV.

We would like to thank you for three seasons and leave you a little parting gift at the end. Because the day for Leah and Paul doesn’t end with tissues and tears, but with a microphone and loud music. Listen to eTV Gaming by Lea Herfurtner and Paul Fischer – coming soon to Spotify!

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These topics are covered:

  • Examination of game generation
  • Looking for T1 Faker
  • Best eSports
  • the best games
  • The best of electronic television
  • Song Games feat. Leah and Paul

If you missed the episode, you can watch the replay on Wednesday at 11:55pm and of course you can also watch the show online anytime.

There’s more from and eTV here!

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