June 13, 2024


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The difference between man and machine

The difference between man and machine

Ms. Girl-Falkowitz explains the most recent challenges of being human. In the review “Artificial Intelligence, Transhumanism, and Human Personality” by Gabriel Frank (2022), you consider the question: “Does the future still need (present) humans?”

California bioengineer Ray Kurzweil’s answer was “of course” no: “Natural selection created man, technology created man, both now working together on the next generation of technology:”…not because humans became machines, but because machines became like humans ( And much more). “


Aldous Huxley’s brother, the author of Brave New World dystopia, also spoke in favor of “transhumanism” as early as the 1960s: “individual and non-state eugenic programs.” Bioengineering in the formation of orphans and lams.

Girl Falkowitz explains: “The boundaries between flesh and plastic, the body and the computer are blurring. But it also means: the boundaries between self and external control become porous.” By wanting a “superhuman existence” one tries to “technically extend the physical and mental limits of man”: “Utopia in the sense of complete self-determination is increasingly asserting itself.”

The line between man and machine blurs, not because the nature of the machine is unclear to us, but because defining man as “animal logic” proves “manifestly inadequate,” as Hannah Barbara Girl Falkowitz puts it.

“Science and technology have become Christian greats. To put it paradoxically, transhumanism would be man’s salvation from his present condition, more precisely: of himself.” DT / JMO

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