May 20, 2024


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The debate over Andrea Riseborough’s Oscar nomination was debated by voters

The debate over Andrea Riseborough’s Oscar nomination was debated by voters

The Academy is looking at the campaigns of this year’s candidates Oscars After the next audit arose Andrea RiseboroughSurprise nomination forto Leslie. “

After the “people’s” campaign, the actor recruited a number of Famous People To help spread the word about the small independent, Oscar voters and viewers are left wondering if Riseborough has broken any rules or is playing the awards game cleverly.

Rumors circulated regarding the campaign’s aggressive tactics, with focus on social media posts from members of the casting branch. The Board of Governors is scheduled to meet on Tuesday, when they are expected to discuss “To Leslie.”

Current AMPAS voters from various chapters have agreed to speak with variety Anonymous to discuss what they know of the controversy, and whether they think the Academy should revoke Riseborough’s nomination.

Most expect she will retain her nomination, noting the practices studios and strategists have been allowed to exploit to get their nominees.

It should be noted that only eligible members of the 1302 Actors Branch can vote on acting nominations. Each eligible Academy member in all 23 categories votes for the winners.

Read answers from anonymous Oscar voters below:

“I don’t know much about it, outside of what’s been covered in the news. I know many who have bent and broken ‘the rules’ for years, and the Academy has let it slide. No one tells you the rules when you become a member. You depend on the studios and the people who run the campaign to know these things. It seems to me That Andrea’s team accomplished something that pissed off a lot of people because we know how much money we spend trying to get an Oscar. Her team got her there without 30 billboards in the sunset. Without an anchor on Hollywood Blvd. So, no, they shouldn’t take her nomination. If If it happens, more will have to be thrown away.”
– Member of the Documentary Branch

Remember that saying when you were a kid? “Witchers get stitches.” You know how many movies and studios break the rules? , and you know what to do?” No one will tell. Why would they? [Riseborough’s] The team hasn’t done anything more than what I see annually. They probably did it closer to the bases than not… You’ll be fine.”
– Member of the Marketing and Public Relations Branch

“I saw her performance in ‘To Leslie’ and I thought she was exceptional. What a beautiful, wonderful movie and not something you see too often in theatres. I was so moved by it. I got an invitation to see the movie and I went. Everyone I spoke to felt the same way I did. No I know if she broke any rules.Do you know what I honestly believe?I think it’s the quest to discover why a woman from a movie nobody’s heard of can get a nomination just for performance.Do you know how many of my colleagues are nominated because they’re in movies? So-and-so? A lot. If it is excluded from the awards, it will be a doomsday for casting because it is our choice to nominate someone.”
Member of the Representatives Branch

“I have a feeling Andrea Riseborough will be de-nominated because the Academy should stop what has been going on for so long. They say we’re supposed to pick the best movies, but I don’t think that’s happening. I don’t often vote when choosing nominees because I don’t see what Enough. But when it comes time to pick the winners, I watch everything, but I find myself saying, “This is nominated? How?” It’s because streamers and journalists tell us who we are You have To choose, people listen. I haven’t heard of the movie [‘To Leslie’] Even this nonsense. It’s terrible that she would be the example, however HopefullyThis will wake people up to what has been going on for a long time.”
– Member of the Book Branch

“No. Nothing’s going to happen. The Academy can’t do that. If they let Will Smith keep his Oscar, they’ll take it.” [her nomination] It would be far, unimaginably stupid on their part. Why would you ruin someone’s career like that? I don’t know if it is good or not. I haven’t seen the movie, but I will soon.”
– Member of the Book Branch

“Can you imagine if Viola [Davis] He was accusing her of what [Andrea Riseborough] Accused team? Viola was never short of a nomination. She had already been excluded and might even have been expelled from the academy. There is always one set of rules for one group and another set for another. Or should I say, one set for blacks? We see this all the time and the Academy knows it. However, they chose not to do anything about it… So do I think she’ll be fired? of course not! Because “white is always right”. She will likely win because the system is designed for people like her to thrive. to succeed. to thrive. For blacks, there is no system. We don’t thrive. But I’ll wait and see what they do.”
– The member requested not to specify his affiliation with the branch

Was her campaign aggressive? Not at all. She wanted to be, but they all do. Merrill [Streep] No, Kate [Blanchett] Do you. Listen… I don’t know about not spending that much money on it. There is always money. Nobody does things for free, but we play the game. Some win. Some lose. She won, but the academy wouldn’t punish her. They can’t, or they have to punish us all. I have no opinion if she “should” be fired or not. I don’t know enough about that. Mostly not.”
– Member of the Producers Branch

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