July 14, 2024


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The craziest gaming centers in the community

The craziest gaming centers in the community

from Thilo Bayer
What devices can be found on the desks of extreme PC gamers? How clean are the work and play areas? Where in the community do modifiers mess with their computers? There is a thread on the PCGHX forum that explains the questions.

to update: As usual, you will find new images of offices from the community at the beginning of the gallery. Cable management ideas for PCGHX users are especially interesting today.

In the Office theme on PCGH Extreme Users submit their appliances and the matching piece of furniture on which these vital devices stand. At this point, we present you with some selected office images, which we guarantee are completely subjective – everything from artwork to trash is included. Find out more at PCGH Extreme. If you want to upload a photo of your office yourself, you should go directly to the office theme.

The thread now has over 4,000 responses and over 1,000,000 visits. The range extends from design wonders and toy hideouts to real screwdriver workbenches. We also point out another topic: Show me where you modified your statuses It is a must-see destination for mechanical Zen lovers. At the beginning of the photo gallery you will find the latest photos from the topic [PCGH Extreme] Office theme].

notice: PCGH Extreme It is a computer mechanics society. On August 20, 2007, the PC Games Hardware Extreme Forum opened its doors to interested readers for the first time on the occasion of Gaming Congress 2007. Initially, the forum ran in parallel with the old PCGH forum and the content revolved almost exclusively around overclocking and modding. Since 2008, PC Games Hardware Extreme has been the one-stop forum for all members of the PCGH community and covers a wide range of topics. Since launch, over 520,000 topics and 10,200,000 posts have been created by over 200,000 registered users. Folding@Home has been very active for many years.Communitywhich together provide computational power against diseases such as cancer.

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