March 21, 2023


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The “Battlefield 2042” development team has released the latest video introducing new maps, specialists, weapons, etc. for “Season 4: The Eleventh Hour”

Electronic Arts and Battlefield Development Team“Battlefield 2042”(PC / PS5 / Xbox Series X | S / PS4 / Xbox One), starting March 1, 2023“Season 4: The Eleventh Hour”Provide the most recent detailsVideo update developmentpublished.

In this video, the DICE Community Manager, who is in charge of development,Tom Stratman氏and co-producerAlexia ChristofiIt’s the new map“flash point”And a new specialist, a reconnaissance expert“Camila Brasco”and she takes over“X6 Stealth Device”It also introduces new vehicles, weapons and gadgets.

In addition, one of the early maps for Battlefield 2042, which has been rebuilt and developed, will appear in Season 4.“rejected”was introduced,New content planned for season fiveIt can only be seen a little bit.

The Battlefield 2042 Season 4 Team Update has been released

Electronic Arts and the Battlefield development team have released their latest “Development Update” for Battlefield 2042, which details the free “Season 4: The Eleventh Hour” update starting March 1 (JST).

Development update:

DICE Community Director Tom Stratman and Associate Producer Alexia Christofi will introduce the new map “Flashpoint”, reconnaissance expert “Camila Brasco” appearing as a new specialist, the “X6-Infiltration Device”, as well as new vehicles, introduction weapons and gadgets.
In addition, a video was released for the first time where the development team introduces new content.
One of the first Battlefield 2042 maps to be rebuilt and developed, this time we offer you Discard, which we will see later in Season 4.
And finally, a sneak peek at the new content we’ve planned for Season 5.

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Battlefield 2042 Season 4: Eleventh Hour Trailerherethe latest trailer for the battle pass isherePlease see who

Details for “Season 4: The Eleventh Hour”herePlease refer to the.

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