April 23, 2024


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The Baron, the Witch and the Thief

Oh! A puzzle escape room adventure. I really like puzzles. I love room escape games and love the titles in the series because they are challenging and often have a twist. Escape room – In retrospect, the game has always left smoky heads and huge resentments. Some of the solutions were too difficult to understand or too difficult to discover that the fun quickly turned into work. How is the puzzle adventure The Baron, The Witch & The Thief from Noris Games?

A combination of puzzle and escape room setting

First a few words about the concept. This title is all about following the story. There are six chapters that need to be solved. This solution can only be found if the puzzle has been previously solved. This means: first put the picture together, then understand the story, solve the task and derive a symbol from it.

This code is then placed in turn using the solution disk. With a little luck, everything will be fine: the disk will then show a color code, which is then used to select the next puzzle square. This continues until the last puzzle.

By the way, the difficulty is given as two out of five bars. Honestly, I consider myself a fairly experienced escape room player. But if this is 2 out of 5, I’m not sure I really want to solve the biggest difficulty. This means: The Baron, The Witch & The Thief is really fragile.

Puzzle Box by The Baron, The Witch & The Thief - Photography by Norris Spiel

Story: Medieval times, evil barons and kidnapped girls

The story is told quickly. The father returned home, and the daughter went. It turned out that she was accused of witchcraft and got stuck in the baron’s dungeon. Nobody likes him anyway, so someone comes to his rescue. Together we pass through secret passages to the castle. Boolean: Tokens must be broken repeatedly in rooms in order to progress.

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Scenario and Puzzle: Are the Baron, the Witch, and the Thief fun?

The full quests of The Baron, The Witch & The Thief are beautifully included in the castle scenario. Medieval puzzles and great atmosphere. It is fun to put puzzles, solve the task and find the solution. But …

The Baron, The Witch & The Thief Decoder Disc - Photography by Norris Spiel

Difficult: puzzles and quests

As I already mentioned, The Baron, The Witch & The Thief is really tough. This is because of two things.

  • For one thing, shapes puzzles are real brain teasers. This is because of motives. Although the images are very fragmentary and show a lot of detail, it is not easy to follow them. The coloring is grim, as befits a medieval castle. As a result, all parts seem to fit in some way but at the same time they don’t. The puzzle is difficult. In addition, there is real ugliness. There are more than four corner squares. So no rectangles at a loss. Since there is no motif template either, the puzzle becomes a surprisingly difficult task.
  • On the other hand, there are tasks. I found the first to be completely understandable. However, the solution is not presented here in my cerebral gyrus. I couldn’t do it alone. But it has never been easier with other forms of puzzles. This is because of the question, which is not clear. At the same time, the decoration is also intended to provide clues, but it is so inconspicuously hidden in the dimly lit castle that you have to look closely. In general, the solution becomes more difficult by describing the material and the task.
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Yes, The Baron, The Witch & The Thief are great

Escape Room - The Game: The Baron, the Witch and the Thief - Photography by Norris

In the end the question remains: So I don’t like it? indeed! You don’t just have to scramble my way through an adventure and reach my goal right away. The head is part of it.

You have analyzed some tasks in a team. It was a little easier because so many people contributed something. I analyzed the others myself. I kept taking breaks from time to time because the task was not clear to me at all. At some point it worked. But I wouldn’t have made more progress without a team.

My brain and the makers of Escape Room – The Game: The Baron and The Witch & The Thief are somehow not on the same wavelength. But the desire to solve this thing has developed significantly. Despite the criticism and rather mediocre puzzle pieces: there’s nothing better to say about an escape puzzle.