April 18, 2024


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The advanced technology behind new hearing aids

The advanced technology behind new hearing aids

St. Georgen / A. Our world is a collection of sounds and conversations. But for people with hearing loss, this richness of sound is often just a memory. Technological advances can change that.

“We are pleased to present to you the latest development in the world of hearing technology: the Pure Charge & Go IX hearing aids from Signia. “This technological masterpiece is a true revolution and radically changes the way we hear the world,” says audiologist Franz Sturm.

The groundbreaking technology in Pure Charge & Go IX hearing aids lets you recognize the speech of multiple people at the same time and accurately filter it out from background noise – even if the person you’re talking to moves or you turn your head. “All of this happens without losing the nice ambient soundscape. “It’s as if you were a director controlling the sound around you,” says Sturm himself, excited about the new technology.

Discreet, comfortable and versatile

But the Pure Charge & Go IX offers so much more than that. Its small dimensions not only make it extremely discreet, but also very comfortable. “With Bluetooth connectivity, you can stream music or phone calls directly to your hearing aids. With an impressive battery life of up to 34 hours, the Pure Charge & Go IX hearing aids will effortlessly accompany you throughout the day. Curious? Feel free to check in,” Sturm invites. Come and test it.”

Franz Sturm

Hearing aid audio expert

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