November 27, 2021


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Test // Match 5

test | Match 5

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Well, a term that fits “space travel” and “movie”… think about it… of course! My favorite movie is Alien! But wait, no one is watching that apart from me. After all, I get additional victory points if others choose the same term. Perhaps I prefer to use “The Martian” or “Gravity” in the party game MATCH 5, the appropriate terms must be found, which others also choose if possible.

Information about the game

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Together to achieve victory, but in the end only one person can win

MATCH 5 is a team game in which you have to find terms that fit in two different categories.

Match 5102

At the beginning of the game, 5 different colored blocks are placed. In each category there are 6 different categories with an adjacent icon and spaces for a cube next to it. Now roll 5 dice with these colors and place them in the cutouts provided in the dies for the appropriate symbols. This means that a category is defined for each template. The possible categories are very diverse, for example “invention”, “place”, “egg”, “song”, “salty”, “hot”, “green”, etc.

The object of the game is to write an appropriate term for each possible combination of two categories on the previously distributed sheet. With 5 colors there are a total of 10 sets. There is a 3 minute time limit for this, which is measured using the built in hourglass.

Match 5103

After the time has elapsed, the absolutely valid terms are voted on. In the event of a tie, the vote of the person who created the term does not count.

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In the next step, points are distributed with one point for each valid term and another point for each person who chose the same term. Such matches are called a “match”.

The game is played in two rounds and whoever has the most victory points wins after that.

What’s in the box?

The game material is of above average quality for a party game. Colored stencils with perforated fields of the cubes, which prevent them from sliding, are as impressive as the colored cubes. The toy block is also nice and thick and printed on both sides. The included hourglass cuts the positive impression.

It should be noted, however, that pens are not included. Not every household has up to 8 clerks ready. The instructions explain the rules quickly and accurately.

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