April 18, 2024


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“Technology tip the scales in favor of the free world”

The chess champion, who was first defeated by a computer in 1997, is invited to discuss the consequences of technology for democracy, confronting German MEP Svenja Hahn during the Tocqueville talks.

However, he is one of the best people to know that the machine is now replacing the human in all disciplines as they compete against each other. However, the Russian chess champion is not upset: he is now championing artificial intelligence when he was the first great chess player defeated by the Deep Blue supercomputer, in 1997, after working for several years on developing prototypes for virtual chess players.

Guest Talks Tocqueville, Garry Kasparov had the opportunity to explain it in detail to MEP Svenja Hahn, a specialist in the European Parliament on issues of regulating artificial intelligence and new information technologies. Both were interrogated by a journalist from figaro Laure Mandeville on the dangers posed by technological progress to democracy. “Artificial intelligence is everywhere“Svenja Hahn explained first, to remind listeners at the Tocqueville Foundation and viewers connected to the Figaro site that this technological approach”Already choose the music you listen to, or the people you meet on online dating apps».

The utopia which the chess champion acknowledges without, however, is unduly concerned about the future of mankind, which remains the only one to possess, strictly speaking, “”Intelligence‘, he explained. “Deep Blue, the computer that beat me at chess, wasn’t smart. In addition, it is not entirely appropriate to talk about artificial intelligence. Of course, and I know something about it, the machine now triumphs in all the games presented to it: chess, Go, even poker, which nonetheless is notorious for having a great deal of psychology. But a machine can only learn and win in a closed system. We have no shadow of proof that he will one day teach how to transfer information from one closed system to another, but precisely the sensitive world in which we operate is the opposite of a closed system.»

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However, after Garry Kasparov, after a question posed by Laurie Mandeville, admitted that technology placed in the hands of political regimes with ill intentions can enhance the power of states’ control over populations, on the other hand, on the desirability of it, offers individuals an escape from such control. “Countries are stronger thanks to technology, but individuals also find space for freedom there: look at what is happening in Hong Kong, or in other countries where important freedom movements have emerged, technology gives a global impact to these struggles.He added that “the struggle of the free world against dictatorships has existed for a long time, long before the emergence of artificial intelligence, but according to him”Technology is tipping the scales in favor of the free world».


without sweeping”FearsExcited by this, Garry Kasparov insisted that real-world technology be separated fromHollywood Fantasies“It has nothing, he said, to do with what artificial intelligence will be tomorrow. To describe, in detail, the present and future transformations resulting from the transformation of the world into a world of connected objects and artificial intelligence. Champitran, the chess champion, is wasting his time not crying over the ancient world, but over the On the contrary, it praises the job creation and new economic opportunities offered by this transformation and the emergence of this new paradigm.

In his discussions with MP Svenja Hahn, he nevertheless agreed on the need to regulate technologies and artificial intelligence, and reviewed with her many major projects awaiting states and international organizations in this broad political field. “The human factor remains the most important of allThey concluded in unison, with Laure Mandeville thanking the speakers, reminding the speakers of the need, according to Tocqueville, to trust civil society to ensure that democracy is respected despite the state’s will to power.

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As for the idea that the technological model maps out a new world, devoid of the body and inhumane, in which interactions with our fellow human beings will be partially replaced by machines, this time the journalist’s objection remained unanswered. “It really is a problemGarry Kasparov was satisfied with the answer.