June 23, 2024


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Technology: AI Summit: Companies commit to AI security

Technology: AI Summit: Companies commit to AI security

South Korea is hosting a mini-summit this week on the risks and regulation of artificial intelligence. Photograph: Lee Jin-man/AP

South Korea and Great Britain are hosting a summit on artificial intelligence. First, they receive commitments from major technology companies to securely develop AI.

SEOUL – Leading US technology companies such as Google, Meta and Microsoft as well as companies from other countries committed to using technology responsibly at the start of a summit on artificial intelligence.

The British government said that leading AI technology companies, including companies from China and the United Arab Emirates, have pledged not to develop or use AI models in extreme cases if the risks cannot be adequately mitigated. Britain and South Korea are hosting the Artificial Intelligence Summit in the South Korean capital, Seoul, which is scheduled to continue until Wednesday.

The companies' commitments were backed by a wide-ranging statement from Seoul. She identified security, innovation and inclusion as three main goals when discussing the opportunities and challenges presented by artificial intelligence. Inclusion means ensuring that the benefits of AI reach everyone. An agreement was also reached between ten countries and the European Union to launch an international network to promote “artificial intelligence security science.”

Initially, 16 global AI technology companies from Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East made a voluntary commitment to underwrite the development of AI. These commitments came on the same day that European Union countries decided to set stricter rules for artificial intelligence.

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“First time in the world”

It was said that companies that have not done so yet will deploy their own security frameworks. The goal is to be able to measure the risks of their advanced AI models, including screening for risks of misuse. They are also determined to be open in their approach to AI security. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: “It is the first of its kind in the world that so many leading AI companies from different parts of the world have agreed to the same commitments related to AI security.”

The summit aims to build on the Bletchley Declaration, in which several countries called for cooperation on regulation at the first AI Security Summit hosted by Great Britain in November.

The first day of the summit in Seoul included a virtual meeting between Sunak and South Korean President Yeon Suk-yeol, with representatives of the Group of Seven from the leading democratic industrialized countries and other countries. Representatives of technology companies such as Google, Microsoft, Meta and Samsung were also invited.