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Tales of Destiny release day.  I can't forget the beautiful opening animation where the theme song “Yume deruru ni” plays[ما هو اليوم؟  ]| for the latest information about gaming and entertainment

Tales of Destiny release day. I can't forget the beautiful opening animation where the theme song “Yume deruru ni” plays[ما هو اليوم؟ ]| for the latest information about gaming and entertainment

*This article has been re-edited from an article uploaded on 23 December 2022.

However, the characters are talking! Overwhelmed by the amount of recorded voices

26 years ago, on December 23, 1997, PlayStation software appeared “Tales of Destiny” issued.

this work “Fantasy tales“followed by”TalesThe second work in the series. Later sequel “Tales of Destiny 2Also released, the remake released on November 30, 2006 was revised with the “2” setting in mind.

Furthermore, on January 31, 2008, “Rion Side” was added, featuring the popular character Rion as the main character.Tales from the director's cut of fate“Also for sale.

Tales of Destiny is one of the most popular series. For me, this was the first Tales series I played, and it's particularly memorable. Particularly impressive is the beautiful opening created by Production I.G. theme song”like a dreamThe sad melody of ' is also excellent and still in my heart.

The main character is Stan Elron, who gets involved in the battle for the Eye of God after his encounter with Demoros, a sword-wielding sword figure. Stan meets his fellow sword masters, Rottie Catlett, Rion Magnus, Philea Philis, and Woodrow Kelvin, and goes on an adventure with them.

Among them, what shocked me was Rion's episode. I won't go into detail because that would spoil the story, but I was surprised that something so irrational could happen in a fantasy world. Aside from the novels and movies, this is the first time I've been so frustrated with a game…

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Each character is unique. I was surprised that the heroine, Ruttie, was so sloppy with money, but when I learned why she cared so much about money, I started to like her even more. Also, Phyllis was secretly in love with Stan, and I remember smiling at the weird love triangle between Stan, Rottie, and Phyllis (lol).

Other members include Agent Mary, Rootie's partner, Chelsea Toone, Woodrow's crush, Johnny Seiden, an easygoing poet, and Mighty Kongman, a fighting champion. Kongman was treated as a hidden character who was added voluntarily, howeverTales of the radical rules of fate“, he becomes Rooty's partner and is treated as the main character. Before I read it, I was surprised, and I thought: 'Are they going to take Kongman?', but it was a really good combination and it was interesting.

Back to the game… This work contains more sounds than previous works in the series! When I left the field controls unattended, my team members started talking to each other, and through the exchange of swords, I could hear each character shouting things like “Fireball” and “Ice Needle,” which pleased my ears. It was also great to see legendary voice actors like Koichi Yamadera (playing Johnny Seiden) and Tetsusho Genda (playing Mighty Kongman) as well as the swordsmen.

Battles were fought using a system called the Enhanced Linear Motion Battle System (E-LMBS), it was refreshing to be able to pull off fighting game-like combos with ease, and the production and camera work was impressive and powerful. You can also play in multiplayer mode by equipping an item called “Guidance,” so I think many people played with their family and friends.

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On December 15, 2022, the songs from the “Tales of Destiny” series will be distributed jointly, including the songs from the “Tales of Destiny” series. Wouldn't it be nice to think about the adventures of Stan and his friends today while indulging in some nostalgic songs?

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