December 6, 2021


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Facebook, Instagram and Messenger are inaccessible to many users

Facebook, Instagram and Messenger are inaccessible to many users

“Sorry, something went wrong. Many of the meta group’s services, including Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, were inaccessible or slow for some users this Wednesday evening. Downtector, A site that allows anyone to report breakdowns, began recording massive reports from 7 p.m. WhatsApp also seems to be recording a crash from the meta group.

On Twitter, we got used to seeing internet users when Facebook and Instagram crashed, and the keyword #instagramdown (“Instagram breakdown”) quickly rose to social networking trends. #facebookdown, #messengerdown and #Whatsappdown were also used specifically.

According to Instagram, users have reported an inability to reload their feed. “This page is unfortunately not available”, was shown when trying to go to the Instagram site. In Messenger, sending and receiving messages may seem impossible, but some users may not be able to access their inbox.

This error is not a primary one for meta group services (until recently it was called Facebook). These seem to have multiplied in recent months. In early October, Facebook and the group’s other social networks It was inaccessible for about six hours. A few days later, Another problem made it inaccessible again Team Services.

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