June 13, 2024


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SWR2 Magazine is a worth-read, including the new book by Arnold Stadler – SWR2

SWR2 Magazine is a worth-read, including the new book by Arnold Stadler – SWR2

New books by Arnold Stadler, Martin Sutter, and Beret Glanz – and a fascinating biography of Philip Roth.

If the suspenseful genre of literature exists, Arnold Stadler will probably be its undisputed master: “Somewhere. But by the Sea” is the name of his remarkable new novel.

Do you have a favorite filter on your phone? The one who drenches everything in radiant Technicolor or rather stark black and white? How much photo filters on Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat change our perceptual habits: Author Berit Glanz has written a very interesting book on the subject. She is our guest.

The great American writer Philip Roth knew no taboos: he wrote – absolutely ruthlessly – about disease and aging and in great detail about male sexuality. A great biography of Blake Bailey now provides information about his love life and writings.

Michael Kreuger is the first laureate of the Poeta Prize in Literaricum Lech – and has submitted a poem on the current situation every month for a year. The “Second Poem” is out in the world, and Kruger reads it and introduces it to us.

Swiss best-selling author Martin Sutter recently wrote a book about footballer Sebastian Schweinsteiger, and now he’s once again dedicating himself to a real new topic: the great love of life: ‘Melody’.

In these times, it seems almost reasonable and necessary to remind everyone that democracy is by far the best form of government. Berlin philosopher Volker Gerhardt now offers an easy-to-read “Philosophy of Democracy”.

Arnold Stadler – Somewhere. But by sea
S. Fischer Verlag, 224 pages, 24 €
ISBN 978-3-10-075131-7
Carsten Otte review

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Sparkling pyrite – filter. digital image cultures
Wagenbach Verlag, 80 pages, €12
ISBN 978-3-8031-3728-9
Conversation with writer Berit Glanz

Blake Bailey – Philip Roth. Personal Biography
Translated from the English by Dirk van Gunsteren and Thomas Gunkel
Hanser Verlag, 1040 pages, 58 euros
ISBN 978-3-446-27612-3
Eberhard Falk review

Poeta Laureate – “The Second Poem” by Michael Kruger
Alexander Wassner in conversation with Michael Kruger and reading
Radio / short version

Martin Souter – Melody
Diogenes Verlag, 336 pages, €26
ISBN 978-3-257-07234-1
Review by Teresa Hubner

Volker Gerhardt – Individual and Human. Democratic philosophy
CH Beck Verlag, 352 pages, 36 euros
ISBN 978-3-406-76536-0
Review by Günter Kaindlstorfer

Tori Amos – Pele Boys
Label: Atlantic Records