August 7, 2022


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Switzerland in Stuttgart: Alphorn and AV Technology

August 1st is the Swiss national holiday. This was also celebrated in Stuttgart in 2021, namely in the “Temporary House in Switzerland”. This is a spin-off exhibition from our southern neighbor that has been running since July this year.

The company’s logo is: “So Switzerland. Far from the usual cliché, here with the unusual!” It aims to show the innovative, original and sustainable aspects of Switzerland and, as a temporary communication platform, it promotes new collaborations in business, science, politics and culture. Because the image of Switzerland in Germany is generally positive, but full of clichés, explains Ernst Steinmann, Swiss Consul General: “We are associated with cheese, chocolate, watches and pocket knives. Little is known about Switzerland’s innovative strength and its importance as a location for science and technology.”

digital support

In order to highlight these strengths, ICT has equipped the rooms with extensive digital equipment. This includes, for example, LED wall and various displays, display technology for various installations, audio and camera technology as well as broadcast equipment. The company also installed an acoustic shower. Atelier Türke was also involved in the interior design.

Switzerland emerges as a location for innovation in the pop-up house, on the one hand, in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology in Zurich and Lausanne – with a new generation of vibrant robots and an exhibition that reflects digital transformation and its effects on society. On the other hand, different technologies will be introduced in collaboration with Swiss start-ups.

Virtual reality, immersive training

One of the highlights is Birdly’s virtual reality installation: with your arms wide open, virtual reality glasses over your eyes and headphones in your ears, you can fly over downtown Zurich and swing your wings to increase height.

There’s also the immersive Exercube, which allows for an interactive fitness experience via projections.

There is also a tourist area in Switzerland and a drone course. In addition, lectures and presentations of various kinds are planned again and again.

The 2,000 square meter pop-up house will be located in downtown Stuttgart until October 31, 2021. After this premiere there are other stops in Italy, France and
Other countries planned.

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