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Sustainable and Ethical Milk Production: 5 Most Read Articles on SZ Membership (November 2023) |  WIRED.jp

Sustainable and Ethical Milk Production: 5 Most Read Articles on SZ Membership (November 2023) | WIRED.jp

“SZ Membership”, a subscription service for the Japanese version of “WIRED” that includes members-only content, offers speculative and experiential reading under the name “Speculative Zone (SZ).” A stimulating topic is prepared each week, and the Editorially curated and offering a selection of long reads packed with insights for the next 10 years (click here for a free trial). Weekend presents SZ’s highlightsPodcastAlso available now!

Last November, an article introducing a startup that uses synthetic biology to produce milk and dairy products without using cows caught attention. This innovation is based on the principle of “microfermentation”, which involves introducing cow genes that produce milk proteins into microorganisms. This genetically modified technology, which allows the production of essential ingredients such as proteins in milk and dairy products without the need for animal husbandry, represents a paradigm shift that provides a sustainable and ethical alternative to traditional manufacturing methods.

During OpenAI Week, stories are often read about the inside story of OpenAI and its steps. The current AI boom began with a paper called the Transformers paper, co-authored by eight Google researchers. Seeing this as an opportunity, OpenAI began experimenting with transformer architecture in 2017, and later laid the foundations for GPT. In November, the world also focused on the uproar over the reappointment of Sam Altman as CEO after his dismissal.

Additionally, the Weekend Newsletter explains the week’s highlights, and “The OpenAI Incident and Difference in Position Regarding Ultimate AI,” in which POSTS actor Kento Kagitani appeared as a guest, is in the spotlight. Ta.

During Creativity Week, an article about the pros and cons of a dataset created by scraping 200,000 books became a hot topic. Designed to democratize AI datasets, Books3 quickly became popular, with tech giants like Meta Platforms and Bloomberg using it to train their large-scale language models (LLMs). However, contrary to the developer’s intentions, it seems that there are a lot of people who are unhappy with the existence of Books3.

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From here, we will present the five most read books, focusing on the articles published by “SZ MEMBERSHIP” in November.

01. A quiet revolution is taking place in the field of milk and dairy products in laboratories in the Middle East.

Photo by Francesco Carta/Getty Images

One after another, a new era of innovators using synthetic biology to revolutionize milk and dairy products is emerging in the Middle East. Animal-free milk contains no lactose, cholesterol, growth hormones or antibiotics, and has a taste and texture not unlike milk and dairy products derived from cows. >> Read the full article

02. To the island where 10 billion snow crabs disappeared

Wulingyun/Getty Images

Over the past few years, 10 billion snow crabs have suddenly disappeared from the Bering Sea. What is life like now for the indigenous people who depend on crab fishing for their livelihood? >> Read the full article

03. What is OpenAI? (2) In a society where general artificial intelligence is achieved, even money will lose its meaning

Jessica Chu

Having achieved “more than two years of progress in just two weeks,” OpenAI is now moving toward large-scale language models based on massive amounts of data. The problem we face is funding and resources. A cover story for the US edition traces the inside story and steps of the company currently attracting the most attention in the world. >> Read the full article