April 18, 2024


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Survive the Bucks in a tense game, beat the Nets and claim the first win of the playoff series

This Thursday, the Milwaukee Bucks survived. Win 86-83 in Match 3 of the series against Brooklyn Networks And now the series is 2 to 1 for the networks in the semi-finals of the Eastern Conference of the NBA.

Incredible and unusual first bedroom. This is how Game 3 began between the Bucks and the Nets, now in Milwaukee. With a very strong pace in attack and defense, the Bucks opened 21 points in the first 12 minutes of the game.

Antetokounmpo and Middleton starred. The pair scored all the bucks in the first period (30). They scored 15 each. They have become the first duo to have at least 15 points and five rebounds in a quarter in the last 25 seasons.

No response, Nets just asked to finish this room ASAP. There were 11 points for the team, the lowest first-period mark in franchise history.

Everything changed in the second bedroom. With just over five minutes in this period, the Nets had already reduced the damage to six points. 15-2 race with more efficient defense.

With a few substitutes, the Bucks saw their lead slip further and went into the locker room by just three points (45-42).

The third room was in perfect equilibrium, but who appeared was Kevin Durant. The winger, who was quieter in the first two quarters, helped the net to continue the fight. And with nonsense on the way.

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Durant and Irving scored or assisted 21 of the 23 points in the net for fourth, but the Bucks went into the latter period by two points — 67-65.

The crucial period was tense, like every match. Teams made a lot of mistakes and even went three minutes without scoring. Just over three minutes ago, the tie lasted: 76-76.

Kevin Durant hit an important 3-ball shot less than two minutes from the end of the game, but the Bucks immediately responded and advanced again.

In the end, the Bucks suffered the victory in Game 3 – 86-83 – and everything is open for the rest of the series.

Kevin Durant: 30 points, 11 rebounds, and 5 assists

– Kyrie Irving: 22 points and 5 rebounds

Giannis Anticonmo: 33 points and 14 rebounds

– Khris Middleton: 35 points and 15 rebounds

Matches in the series – Nets lead 2-0

JoJo 1 – Nets 115 x 107 dollars

JoJo 2 – Nets 125 x 86 dollars

JOJO 3 – bucks 86 x 83 nets

JOJO 4 – Bucks x Nets: dom 06/13

Game 5 – Nets for Dollars: Tuesday 06/15

Game 6 – Bucks vs Nets: Thursday 6/17 (if necessary)

Game 7 – Networks for Dollars: Saturday 06/19 (if necessary)