April 23, 2024


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Stellaris: Overlord expansion brings new features

Stellaris: Overlord expansion brings new features

Stellaris’ new expansion is called Overlord! This is in it. Source: Paradox Interactive

Developer and publisher Paradox Interactive recently revealed the upcoming expansion for Stellaris: Overlord. Overlord will give players access to new features focused on the more complex management of their intergalactic empires, from specialized minions to powerful new mega structures. Here’s what the official announcement of the strategy game’s content update says.

Players can use these new features to bring order and glory to the galaxy – or bring it to its knees. Overlord will soon be available for the PC version of Stellaris and will be released alongside the free 3.4 “Cepheus” update for Stellaris. This update includes new content and customization for all players and is part of the Custodian Team’s ongoing effort to constantly improve Stellaris.

In Overlord, ambitious leaders will unlock a new level of empire management and realize their grand plans for the universe. Specialized minions roles allow players to either lead the planets in their world to unprecedented heights of glory or keep them in check.

The new enclaves will provide unprecedented opportunities and challenges. A selection of new megastructures will provide alternatives to expand power even further and faster. Five all-new assets, new music, and more features will be included when Overlord launches later this year.

Stellaris: Overlord expansion trailer

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Stephen Murray, Director of Stellaris Games at Paradox Development Studio:

“The stories our players have told about Stellaris over the past six years have never ceased to amaze us. We have seen empires rise and rise, unite and collapse, clash openly and covertly with their galactic neighbors. With Overlord, we want to give players more options and possibilities to create a “space opera” Their own, build a world full of big houses or squabbling minions and see how long they can hold power over what they’ve created. More details about what it means to be a Galaxy Overlord will be announced soon!”

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