January 31, 2023


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Steam Deck is getting an interactive portal-style tutorial

Steam Deck is getting an interactive portal-style tutorial

From Alexander Nye
Back to Aperture Science: Steam recently revealed a free demo that’s meant to serve as a tutorial for the Steam Deck. Happy Aperture Desk Job is set in the expanded universe of Portal Games and is all about the world of chairs. “No Portal 3!” This is the notice on the Valve Store page.

Why hasn’t Valve released a new Portal game for nearly eleven years? Well, the Bellevue-based company probably wanted to maintain the Steam Deck’s brand appeal. Kidding aside, Valve is already taking a fresh look at the Portal universe with the Aperture Desk Job. the most recent Steam demo It should serve as an interactive tutorial for internal mobile devices. Control via the analog joystick and control buttons is explained in a playful way, so to speak, as well as the functions of the handheld console.

“There is no Gate 3!”
No, Aperture Desk Job is not a sequel to Portal 2, which was released in 2011, according to Gabe Newell & Co on Steam. However, the tutorial reinvents the running sim genre by transporting players “into a lightning-fast world full of endorphins for sitting at desks.” More specifically, the players here embody a young professional whose job it is to test products in the “driver’s seat” at Aperture Science. In other words: chairs. According to the trailer, this also includes restrooms. The testers are apparently directed by Grady, referring to the split-gate antagonist GlaDOS.

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No Steam Deck is required to try Aperture Desk Job, but a console is required. Valve promises “full console support” here. There is nothing to pay for the tutorial. Steam Deck has been out since February due to lack of supplies Available from 419 euros for the 64 gigabyte version. The 256 and 512 GB versions are available for 549 and 679 euros, respectively. For the undecided, we have the Steam Deck It is subject to a technical test.

Source: via Eurogamer