December 1, 2023


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“Star Trek” comfort in difficult times

“Star Trek” comfort in difficult times

Comment from the TrekZone editorial team.

We all have those days when life seems particularly difficult. It may be the current geopolitical situation that is worrying you. Sometimes it’s personal moments, like I’m currently writing this article, when you’re sick and everything seems hard. At times like these, I prefer to immerse myself in the endless expanses of “Star Trek.” This popular sci-fi world gives me, like many other fans, a warm and pleasant feeling that “everything is okay.” At these times I ask myself more and more: Why does Star Trek have this special power?

Intimacy between stars

Admittedly, one reason might be because I’m very familiar with the episodes and movies. From Captain Kirk’s first encounter with the Klingons to Captain Picard’s encounters with the Borg, every detail, every development, every quote is familiar to me. This familiarity is like a warm blanket I can wrap around myself while I lie on the sofa and drink tea. Yesterday I was sitting in front of one of my favorite “Star Trek” movies: “First Contact.”

The magic of new discoveries

But knowledge alone is not the reason. I’m currently watching the new episodes of “Lower Decks” and even though the series is still new, it gives me the same comforting feeling. Maybe it’s the loyalty to the “Star Trek” universe or the humorous approach to classic “Star Trek” themes. There is always something new to discover which is incredibly refreshing.

The little explorer in all of us

Perhaps we find a lot of comfort in Star Trek because it reminds us of the innocent enthusiasm we had in our childhood. Who wouldn’t want to learn tap dancing from Beverly Crusher like Boimler or join Starfleet under Picard’s tutelage like Wesley Crusher? These characters, which some of us might call heroes, are role models for many of us who we would like to learn from and whom we would like to meet.

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More than just entertainment

“Star Trek” is more than just a series or a franchise. It is an ideology of peace, tolerance and scientific curiosity. It shows us a future in which humanity overcomes its struggles and reaches for the stars. And in times when I’m not feeling well, this glimpse of a better future is a huge comfort.

Your impressions

Dear readers, how are you? What are your favorite cozy “Star Trek” episodes? What characters or scenes give you comfort during difficult times? I look forward to your impressions!