June 14, 2024


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Star Birds: Short Gesai comes as a building game with the help of the Dorfromantik team

Star Birds: Short Gesai comes as a building game with the help of the Dorfromantik team

Science channel Kurzgesagen has a new construction game on YouTube Star birds Announce. This will please many people who like the graphic style of explainer videos, because it is approved for the game, including birds.

In the trailer, you make fun of yourself a little bit, because when you're playing you're actually just building things so that more things can be built and connected to more things. Don't forget: Of course you also have to collect things to produce more things. If you're honest with yourself, this is actually the core of a common building strategy type.

It will then be possible to develop the capabilities of this modern technology in order to continue space exploration with Star Birds. Other asteroids are scheduled to be explored in order to carry out the process of building things there. This is how Korzgessagen birds explore space.

The Toukana Interactive GmbH studio in Berlin is responsible for the implementation. The studio made a name for itself with its game Dorfromantik. A board game from Dorfromantik was also published by Pegasus Spiele and was named Game of the Year 2023.

The exact release date of Star Birds is not yet known. The trailer roughly announced the year 2025 and the possibility of adding it to your Steam wishlist. With Steam, Windows is probably guaranteed as a platform. Other platforms currently unknown. The press kit says nothing about this either.

In principle, Toukana can also be implemented on consoles, as Dorfromantik has been released for the Nintendo Switch as well as a version for Windows PC.

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