May 25, 2024


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Sports Today: Video guide developer struggles with use of its technology

Sports Today: Video guide developer struggles with use of its technology

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The developer of video evidence struggles with his technology

VAR developer Paul Hawkins He has it with him Falcon Eye Company There has been a lot of technological advancement in the sport, but she sees more than just advantages in this. “VAR is the solution Contributing to a sport that I feel proud of at least.”“My idea of ​​technology in sports is that the officials don't notice,” Hawkins told The Times. The goal of good governance is not to attract attention They kept the refereeing out of the story of the match.”

With the introduction of video referee In football, it is exactly the opposite happened. Fans in stadiums in particular complain about a lack of transparency in the decision-making process and diminished emotion due to long waiting times for many reviews.

The mathematician also has ideas for improvements: “You can introduce a challenge system that doesn't involve black-and-white decisions like stealth.” This was tried in the early testing stages, but did not spread in football. Furthermore, Hawkins calls “VAR specialists” who are deployed in front of screens instead of referees. “Even if you only referee in the fourth tier, you can be a good VAR referee,” says Hawkins. This is due to the different requirements profiles for the two tasks.

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